Shoe advice


I'm looking for a new running shoe with a good good price/quality.

Here are some of my features ;

- neutral or supination (not really sure)

- I'm 6foot 2 and 80 kg

- I run on hard roads

- I run about 25 miles/week

- male

Can anyone advice me a good shoe that doesn't kill my wallet. The brand is not important as long as the quality is ok.

Thanks very much for your feedback.



  • take your pick, or even better go to a shop and ask their advice, depending on funds image can mention in a shop you only have x amount of funds image 

  • @booktrunk Thx. My experience is when you use the shoe advice tool of brands or shops is that you are directed to the most expensive ones.


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    As Booktrunk said, let the shop know what your budget is. There is no substitute for being able to try the shoes on.

    unless you know exactly what you are looking for i`m wary of ordering online. you may save 20 quid now but it will probably cost you more than that in the long run
  • @Millsy thx. Maybe it is best after all to go to my local store.


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