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I've just had a bit of a book buying frenzy including a number of running books- some autobiographies such as Feet in the Clouds and some more informative like Relentless Forward Progress. Favourites so far have included Can't Swim, Can't Bike, Can't Run which I read when training for my first triathlon and could completely identify with. 

What running/sport related or just good books would others recommend? 



  • Noakes Lore of Running is a useful reference, but not a real page turner.

    McDougall Born to Run

    I enjoyed Murakami's What I talk about when I talk about running, but I know from threads passim it's a bit of a marmite book.

    I didn't particularly get on with Iron War (Fitzgerald) as I didn't warm to the way the story was told.

    Finally (although I could go on) The death of Marco Pantani: a biography (Rendell) is an interesting look at a troubled soul during the 'bad old days' of doping in cycling.  The final chapters may need revision


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    FF -- Nice use of Latin image

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    The last three books I read were all cycling related and written by Will Fotheringham. (I'm not a big reader; these were all Christmas presents!) Biographies of Eddie Merckx and Fausto Coppi, and a history of British riders in the Tour de France (up to and including Wiggins' 2012 victory).  Not that I'm an expert on any of that lot, but I knew least about Fausto Coppi and found that the most interesting read.  Eddie Merckx though - what a machine!!

    Eddie Merckx

    Fausto Coppi



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    The Ghost Runner, which is a biography of John Tarrant. A fascinating read.

  • Good shout Muttley, a very complex man was Mr Tarrant.  I also enjoyed the Seb Coe autobiography (Running my life), gave me an insight into just how much glad handing was involved in securing the 2012 Olympics.

  • Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

    , Can't swim can't ride etc .. is self indulgent rubbish, and should be renamed can't write either,

    Bet you really enjoyed Can't Sleep, Can't Train, Can't Stop    then !!!

  • The one taken by my wife image

  • image She's the brains of the outfit. image

    Seriously just as biased as dave as written by a mate but both books very good if you are thinking of endurance stuff and what to know about the nitty gritty stuff. image

    If you find endurace or triathalon boring you will hate the books probably.  

  • and she's much better looking

  • No worries and no offence taken.

    Dave given that your tother half is smart, good looking and has KY jelly by the ton what do you bring to the marrage other than your well comprehensive manhood? image

  • What more do I need to bring ?
  • There's quite a lot of us on RW that know Andy, and I suppose his books wouldn't be appreciated by non-triathletes but those of us who have been there done that - can relate very well to what he wrote.

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    I quite enjoyed his 2 books. I think they put me off entering an Ironman though.
  • I read his first book as I was training for my first Tri and really enjoyed it. I guess reading isn't always about literary excellence, it can be about identifying with an event/situation/feeling. 

  • The Accidental Ironman - Martyn Brunt

    Fartleks & Flatulence - David Berridge

  • I read Born to Run a while back and it had me hooked. I ran my first ultra shortly after. It also inspired a brief foray into 'barefoot' running (shudder). The mention of Murakami though, reminded me of another japanese author, Kazuo Ishiguro, and his book 'Never let Me Go'. It's completely unrelated to running but very beautiful and it's the first book to actually make me cry.

  • Fartleks & Flatulence sounds like an absolute winner, though!

  • I loved Born to Run, such a great book. I shall now be putting Never Let Me Go in my wish list - I like a book that makes you cry!! I'm normally a horror reader, so to take a diversion into a weepy is a good distraction before delving back into blood, gore and scariness!!!!

  • I think the new edition is called "Can't swim, can't bike, can't run... But can leave Jacqueline Howett's sorry ass for dust when it comes to hissy fits and flouncing"

    (although they had to resize the cover to fit the revised title on image)

  • HillLee that Ishiguro book is about clones used for organ transplants, so I don't think you need worry too much.  It's a rip off of Michael Marshall Smith's Spares, only set in an alternate present rather than an unlikely future...

  • candy ollier wrote (see)

    HillLee that Ishiguro book is about clones used for organ transplants, so I don't think you need worry too much.  It's a rip off of Michael Marshall Smith's Spares, only set in an alternate present rather than an unlikely future...

    Commonly referred to as a spoiler.image

  • They think it's the future but it's really the past, it's all a dream and they are aliens.  Sue Ellen did it.

  • I thought Miss Scarlet did it ?
  • Bruce Willis was dead all along!!

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