Market Research - Patterned Tops vs. Patterned Leggings

Hi Ladies,

We are looking to design and manufacture a range of brightly patterned vest tops and leggings for the female running / yoga / gym market, and am conducting a little market research - it would be great if you can spare a few minutes to fill out our quick survey please?

There are 10 very small multiple choice questions, I promise it won't take long!

The idea came from my own need originally, I love bold patterns and having started running a on a regular basis earlier this year, I wanted something a bit more fun that reflects my new found love of pounding the streets!

As I say, the main aim is to get some fun out there, bold patterns, bright colours etc.. and move away from the safety of black / pink - whilst creating something that is a quality product, that women want to wear and feel confident in. All garments will be technical fabrics; wicking, dry-fit etc.. 

We have combined experience in the graphic design and manufacturing industries so know that this is viable, we just need your feedback please image

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Sarah x





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