Saucony feel compared to asics

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Hi loved Asics 2170s, gt2000 series less so, so changed to the gt3000 I know it's for bigger over pronators, but preferred it to the 2000 series.

anyway, thinking of having a dabble at a pair if Saucony trainers Hurricane or omni, would I be right in thinking the hurricane are the equivalent of the gt2000 or maybe kayano, and the omni slightly more like the gt3000?

any feedback from anyone that's worn both brands would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah I know if it ain't broke don't fix it... But I'm not sure if it ain't broke or notimage 


  • I used to work in a running store so had the luxury of being able to try on loads of shoes.

    In an Asics versus Saucony competition, Asics would win hands down every time for me. I wore many of the 21 series and my all time favourite shoe was the 2140. Did not like the 3000 series at all. 

  • Thanks for the feedback ff image


  • All sort of ideas going through my head like blow £50 on last years version of the nimbus and just see how it goes image 

  • Supportwise, the Nimbus doesn't have the same as the 2100 series, or Kayano or 3000 or Omni.

  • Booktrunk, if you need some support then the Nimbus may not work for you. It is a very soft shoe with a lot of cushioning and this could accentuate any inward roll. I speak from experience here, I had untold problems with the Nimbus, and to add insult to (literal) injury, it was the most expensive shoe I ever bought. I had to retire them when they were practically new (gave them to charity).

    I don't want to diss Asics on my experience with the Nimbus alone. I've heard good things about their GT series and the Kayano, which is probably their best shoe. The 3000 is for people who pronate with the forefoot, which would include people like me, who appear to be more or less neutral from the heel and are not severe overpronators, but who pronate later in their stride due to forefoot issues (such as greek feet). 

    A long time ago I also ran in the Saucony Grid - I found it to be a great shoe, forgiving, firmer than the Nimbus (which I much prefer) and light, but not as durable. I have never ran in the Omni or the Hurricane, so cannot comment on those two models.

    I'd give them a quick whizz on the treadmill if you have access to a running shop. Particularly I'd do so before buying the Nimbus if you have been wearing mild support shoes until now - it is an expensive mistake to make not just in money but also in injuries (in my case nearly 4 years with achilles tendon problems, not completely out of the woods yet - not blaming the Nimbus, but they certainly didn't help). 

  • I'm on my third pair of Asics 1000's which are for mild pronators. In years gone by I wore the 1100 series.

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