Run in a Cycling Top

Does anyone run in a cycling jersey to make use of the pockets on the bum?

I'm toying with the idea for my work commute rather than using a belt.


  • Running in a top is ok but you can't overload the pockets - they'll be bouncing up and down and possibly out.
  • I often cycle in a running top.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Not sure how much you want to carry but how about a running-specific bumbag?  I bought this rather nifty one specifically for a recent fell race and was pretty impressed.  Very comfy and the compression straps really keep it from bouncing around.

  • Often use cycling tops - the pockets are great for small items (gels / energy bars), and I often carry a carpri-sun drink as well, but anything heavy like drinks bottles I find bounce about too much.

  • Thanks Kitten, they're not the best running buddies actually. A mad 10 minutes and they're all puffed out.

    Thanks Phil, looks a good site, cheers
  • Hi Whippets.

    Yes I do, great for small items e.g. food, map section, compass etc if I don't want to use a bum bag.

  • Yes I do that, but then I am not running any great distances.  I use them for keys/phone/money/music player/extra hairbands (I have mad hair that escapes all the time whilst running).  I think if I were to use it for longer distances the keys/phone etc would cause a bit of bruising at the base of my spine as I haven't found a way to stop them bouncing but at least you aren't weighed down with many arm/ankle/shoe wallets and I find belts/bumbags impossible to run with. Wrapping hard items in a cloth helps.  I don't use the pockets for my water - I have a hand held water bottle that is very convenient.

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