Compression leggings for thin legs

I like the restorative properties of a part of compression leggings - having tried many a time both with and without, I definitely feel fresher the next day. However, in some places, round my ankles especially, they're just like a loose veil over my skin. Seems chunkier people get more of the compression effect. I'm slim but I wouldn't say the very skinniest out there - there must be others who've experienced the same.

Is there a pair out there designed for the slimmer person? If I go for a size down, the pants would probably only reach the middle of my calves. The ones I have are short as it is! I'm a 32" long by the way. Thanks for any help


  • Have you tried shorts and calf sheaths rather than full tights? They usually come in regular and long options.

    I don't think your ankles, or any joint, benefit s from compression so it won't matter if they are a bit loose as long as they are tight around the muscles.
  • Good idea. Sorry yeah I meant round the lower calf too not just the ankle - that's the bit of me that takes the biggest beating especially during speed work
  • What size are you currently using ? - I'm a 32 Waist with 34 inside leg, and have pretty skinny legs - originally bought Large Skins (was an inch of so bigger on the waist at the time), but when I bought next pair the shop recommended a medium...still long enough but a bit more snug around calves and ankles. I've also recently got some Orca Killa tights in medium which are  pretty tight to get over the feet/ankes but once on are really snug and feel slightly more effective than the skins.


  • So we're the same size. I'll have a look into those orca tights then, I've only ever had one pair - linebreak large. Thanks!
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