Worcester Half Marathon 2014

The ample parking and traffic free claims look questionable.


  • Ample parking, what a joke.
  • Why am I not surprised? This run was advertised as Worcs City Half and my entire family made arrangements to travel from across England but then the organisers (I use the word loosely) e mailed to say they were moving it from the City because there was another event taking place there. The e mail did not include any apology. My guess is that the "organisers" did not check with the local authority prior to  advertising it but even a glance a the City Council website would have told them. But no. Advertise one thing, take the money, let people pay for accommodation which they can't get back, and then change the whole thing.

    Good transport links, that's another unfunny joke. No public transport. Get a taxi they said.

    I could go on and on. It was a shambles . I am still waiting for my money back or even an acknowledgment to me last 3 e mails.  

  • There was one foreign lass crying and arguing with the organisers on the start line. Didn't hear much but did catch "but you're stealing from me!". Always good.
  • unfortunately most runners from our club had the misfortune to run the 10k in Worcester organised by same people - hence only one guy did it as it was local race. you couldn't make up some of what happened at the 10k - no marshalls, sparkling water at the end (no still) and they emailed to say could people email in their times as there was a problem with the results.


  • Looks like I was lucky to pick up an injury and miss this, even though I had paid in advance. Some of the other stories I have heard verbally include a lack of marshalls and signage, resulting in runners phoning home to ask relatives to look up the route on the internet, and one runner so lost they had to phone for a taxi t take them back to the start. Obviously I cannot substantiate these stories, but I consider this a lucky escape, and I shall never do another event run by these individuals. 

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