Spare room at Newcastle University available for GNR

Booking Details

Accommodation:                                             Newcastle University - Windsor Terrace

Room Type:                                                        Single Basic

Number of rooms:                                          1

Number of Guests:                                         1

Arrival Date:                                                      06/Sep/2014

Departure Date:                                                               07/Sep/2014


Room and return race transfer cost £75 but if someone wants them for £50 then you can have it, let me know thanks.  Non refundable but defering race entry to next year due to injury, cheers



  • HI Mortimer, I might be interested in this- do you if there would be an issue with transferring the name on the booking?


  • I doubt it, if you had the confirmation and so on i dont think there would be a problem, i dont see them checking ID for a room in a university hall of residence


  • I think a mate might have sorted somewhere to stay for the night so please feel free to hand it to someone else. Good luck with the injury- hope it heals soon image

  • Taken thanks v much
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