Another GPS Thread

FINALLY getting around to upgrading my Garmin. I need a multi-sport watch that will do swim metrics for pool and open water - I like the TomTom MS Cardio, because it has an integrated optical HRM which by all accounts seems to be reliable, thought the Garmin 910xt seems to be the favourite all-round device.

Seems to me that the other manufacturers must be developing rival devices with optical HRM's to keep up with the TomTom. I wondered if anyone had an opinion, or know of any new devices coming out over the next 6 months that might rival the TomTom on features?


  • i'm not a fan of the tom tom displays, in terms of data fields and swim metrics, the 910 is miles ahead of it, if you're a numbers geek, depends on how much info you want, i'm pretty sure the 910 is due for replacement some time soon, but how far in the future i dont know.

  • Garmin Fenix 2. Does all the tri stuff and has the new HRM chest strap with the extra running metrics build in.
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