Waterproof Watch with Gps and Heart rate

Hello to all!

I am looking for Waterproof Watch with Gps and Heart rate and i would like your opinion if you have to suggest to me. I wish the watch is in a logic - cheap price. The waterproof i want because i want to use the watch in the pool.


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  • nothing with gps, heart rate and swim proof will be cheap.

  • For a watch that can be used for swimming, has an HRM and is GPS, they will not be cheap.  £150 upwards as a rough idea.


  • Garmin 310xt ? 

  • Yep, the 310xt is probably the cheapest thing that would do the job.
  • 310xt does HR whilst swimming?


  • I am to close Timex Iroman Triahlon global Trainer T5K444. Any opinion for this?

  • I've used a Timex Global trainer for a couple of years HRM doesn't work when swimming, and the GPS track can be entertaining after open water swims

    But on the bike and running its great, even accepts Ant+ inputs for speed and cadence when I'm on the turbo

    And it's all uploaded to a Training Peaks

    Used it all over Europe without issue
  • A tip for gps when open water swimming is to put the watch in your swimming cap, apparently.

    Don't think any traditional, chest-strap hrm will work when swimming. Wonder if the newer ones that take a reading from your wrist do? I would imagine so.
  • The HRM i want it more for the running. The Gps i hope to work to running and to swimming.

  • Why do you need the gps swimming ? Most courses are measured so if you time it you can store the data in training peaks ( well that's what I do )
  • gps technology doesnt work in water, even under 1 inch of water you will lose signal, 

  • Yep, hence sticking it in your swim cap.
  • Don't think the heart rate monitors work on any of them in water

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