Outlaw Half

Anyone planning on doing this. I'm on the fence between this and Staffs as a warm up for IMUK



  • I'm in exactly the same situation as you although...I missed pre-reg for Outlaw Half! I did get on the list for Staffs but now I'm torn between the two. Think I'll let fate take it out on my hands - if I get into a Outlaw Half on a Weds when it opens to sell, so be it. Otherwise, Stafford here I come!
  • i too missed the pre-reg so just hoping i can get in on wed

  • What time does it open on Wednesday?
  • just seen this going to be lucky to get in


    Over 7,000 VIP emails will be sent out on the morning of Tuesday 12 August, with just 1,100 places available we are expecting entries to sell very quickly.

    A further 250 places will be made available for general sale from 9a.m on Wednesday 13 August.

  • From 9... Eek. Might be doing Stafford after all!
  • The 7000 emails is slightly misleading though as If I understand it correctly you dont register an interest like with IM, if you have previously done (or registered) for Outlaw or Outlaw half in the past then you are on the VIP mailing list, there will be quite a few of those that are not interested and some may have multiple email addresses registered from different years or events.

  • Has anyone received their e-mail yet?

    I am in Greece on my holibobs so having to data roam as reading your threads has tempted me to tri a middle distance race so I registered.
  • No email as of yet

  • I think it will be about 9. Well I hope so. We are on holiday and OH isn't very happy at my insistence of not going anywhere till I have entered. 

  • Got my email guys... IM IN!!!! image

  • I am in too image

  • It was a great event this year, but going to give it a miss for 2015 as I want to try some different events (and I don't have the finances to allow me to do everything!) but I might well marshal or come up to support as I have family who live locally! image

  • Bugger...still nothing

  • Mrs SA is entered


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    no email yet and I did it this year.


  • Returning since i DNF'ed it this year due to a shredded tire! image Really was enjoying it as an event before then... Cannot wait!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Stanners at least it is just not me then.


  • Someone start a list image

  • not had an email yet

  • IronBanksy wrote (see)

    Someone start a list image


    Mrs SA
    The Dawn Shadow


  • My email has been blocked by our spam / virus filters

    Mrs SA uses internet mail and came straight through


    Look out for this email address


  • I've got an e-mail but not planning to enter - can I forward it to someone else who hasn't yet? It still requires you to sign in so it's not associated with my name etc.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I am now in, patience seems to be required this morning, not a strong point today.

  • I think I am in...

    Awaiting conformation e-mail... Until I am sure.
  • *Taps fingers impatiently

  • Confirmation arrived... 100% in image

  • not got the confirmation email but money has gone


  • I'm in

    Mrs SA
    The Dawn Shadow
    Swimming Cat

  • E-mail arrived doesn't say how much I paid! Ohhh well ignore that fact and hope the wife doesn't check the credit card statement that carefully.
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