I got a face

It took me hours of fiddling about trying to achieve 100x120 but I think I finally managed to give myself a face. Watch this space.

Now all I need to do is find a picture of something more interesting!


  • Will be nice to see you again. Windsor I trust. Give me a shout if you have problems
  • "Hello Murf"
    said Pizza Man.
  • Nice face Murf!
    (Better than mine!)
  • Well done Murf , it's not easy is it ?
  • Yeah - well done. Who's that behind you?
  • Well done on the face Murf, satisfying getting something to work isn't it......
  • Good shot Murf, I suppose I'd better get on with mine! I'll have a go at the weekend, but I'm not a great Technobabe. Not too sure about a "live" photo of me though - bit scary I think esp after a race.
  • Its a lovely face Murf.
    YTou've got proper hair.. not like ine at all.
  • Aw shucks, SimonF & Barkles, you've made me blush.

    Tiger - I've still got those pics of us from the Epsom 10k that I never got around to sending to the URWFRC website. There's one of you by yourself that I'll have a go at trimming down. I'll mail it to you if I can find my list of Allsorts e-mail addresses.
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