Registration info needed for London Marathon

Hi, I have finally managed to get a place into the London Marathon, after many years of applying and wanted to know what registration details I would need to register for the event.

thanks Jo


  • Hi Jo
    Not sure what you mean - nearer the time you take a letter they send you to the Expo and sign for your number. I think they have all the info they want from what you filled in on the application form.
  • thanks, it is just when I ran the Rome Marathon last year we needed passports and credit card ID to register for the race. However I am just in the process of moving house and cannot locate my passport and wanted to know if this documentation would be required.

  • Hi Jo
    Defo don't need passport. But if you sent in your application with your old address, you will have to tell FLM about your new one or you won't get the letters nearer the time. Sorry if that's a bit obvious!
  • Hi jo, i also need info on registration, but on the day before the run. Is it in wembly stadium, and how long do have to register? Need to book flights soon( from Gasgow) and would like to have an idea of the best time to book them for.

    ps jo, hope i hav'nt hijacked your thread!!
  • Nearer the race you will recieve final details through the post, which will include maps etc.
    You go to the Expo place in London during the week before the race,It's very easy to find, and they give you your bits and pieces there after you have signed for them in your own handwriting.
    Don't worry. I don't think that Scotland counts as a foreign country, so I wouldn't expect you to be sent your details them, or have to provide passport details, although I forsee a time when we will have to provide more ID, thanks to our friend Mr. Blunkett!

  • I have done London twice now and both times I had to take my passport. If I remember rightly you need some form of photo id so I guess a new drivers licence would do.
  • I havent ever needed photo id
  • DB - it's not Wembley stadium ! It's the Excel centre - I think the nearest tube is mansion House or summat ? Anyway - you deffo need the Docklands Light Railway to get there.

    I hope u booked that early flight ?

    I think I've always used my credit cards as proof. Althouigh DB - you will need your passport to fly anyway.
  • Excel on Docklands LR
  • well done in getting your place in the London Marathon, I've yet hear if i've got a place.

  • The tube station is Custom House...

    It's open from Wednesday I think? Apparently it's very busy on Saturday so if you can attend earlier in the week you should.
  • I've never needed my passport either (or any other form of photo id) - just the sheet saying that I'm in and the number.

    I think if you get someone else to collect your number then the rules change.

    It's all in the mag that you get round about March.

    Avoid Saturday if at all possible - I went once to keep a friend company and wished I hadn't! It's so much more relaxed at other times
  • From memory you have to take ID as they can ask to see it to check you're not using someone else's number. But no, I didn't get asked this year when I collected my number. Went midday-ish on the Saturday and it wasn't too bad...
  • Think i've probably cocked up here!
    I've booked my train tickets already and was unaware of the need for personal registration.
    So my train gets to Kings X at 14.45 Saturday, I then have to get to Excel (allow 1hr?)and the place will no doubt be heaving. I understand the centre shuts at 5 on Saturday (nice one!). Also i'll probably get lost and be a nervous wreck before I start.
    I cant 'pop in' during the week as I am from 'up north'.
    Will I get thrown out if I turn up late on Sat afternoon? What's the cut off time for delayed people/ latecomers? Help?!
  • Hi Big Ron, just in case you're still worried...
    once upon a time before I worked for RW, I registered for London on Saturday at about 3pm and it was fine. You can definitely get there from King's X within an hour (you won't get lost - Northern Line to Bank then DLR to Custom House for Excel. Loads of people will be heading the same way).
    The Expo will be crowded but you register on the way in and it's usually a smooth process. If you're still worried you could call FLM, the number's on their website.
  • Hey Dizzy Blonde - if you come to Wembley Stadium it won't be the FLM but you can come for a run with me - my lunchtime route goes around and about the Stadium. I can see the bucket-handle arch through my office window as I'm typing this.
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