Thursday Session (10th Oct 2002)

Couldn't sleep... come on move along now... nothing to see here... get on with it



  • What: 5K, give or take a few metres
    Why: Finished work; went to the bar; had a laugh; then got my PT kit on and ran home -which, conveniently, is almost exactly 5K. It was technically "today" because I started my run at 00:03am.

    Last rest day: Yesterday
    Last hard day: Today - really went for it, and finished in 21:20 .. with a backpack full of stuff on! Considering the weight I was carrying, I was happy with that time.
  • Bloomin'eck! And I thought I was early. Cath, blessings for today - I'm not surprised you've got a touch of insomnia. Psi, fantastic time. Adds weight to the theory prevalent on the forum that the beat sessions are often fuelled by a few pints and a vindaloo.

    What: Middle-sized run this afternoon, time permitting. About 7 miles.
    Why: Must have been the day for unorthodox 5Ks yesterday. I ran my 5K circuit from home wearing trainers that were relegated to walking shoes a few weeks ago, slightly close-fitting jeans (with big leather belt) and woolly jumper, and completed it in 25:04, which is 3.5 minutes of my previous PB for that route. Then had a banana and honey sandwich (thanks for the tip, Laura) and did Bodypump followed by a 600m swim. So won't do long run today.
    Last hard day: Yesterday.
    Last rest day: Monday.
  • About 3 miles, gently
    Best wishes again Cath xx
  • Morning,

    dusted off our exercise bike and got it out of the garage. Will see about a bit of cross training tonight
  • Missed training thread (and all other threads yesterday) as spent the day in Munich. Decided to go for a short run in the morning - more of a hobble as left leg still rather stiff.

    Today: Probably an easy 30 minutes
    Why: still feeling a little stiff after Sunday.

    Oh and printed off details for Frankfurt marathon! Probably won't decide whether to do it until end of next week.
  • Morning -
    what: hard hour in gym already this morning and then another half hour at lunch time
    Why : my birthday today so must work off all the birthday cake I'm going to be eating later!!
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day;uesday

    have a nice day. :)
  • Martin, having read "unorthodox training/not recommended", you have suddenly become much less of a nutter comparatively! Take a peek...hope the legs recover.

    What: 40 mins row negative split between 1st and 2nd 20
    Why: hard run yesterday, low impact on joints desired
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Tuesday
  • Morning all

    What : 6 mile rolling hills
    Why: club night strength session

    Last Hard Day : Sunday
    Last Rest Day : Saturday

  • Shufflebuster - I did read it, make my thoughts seems like a bit a weekend jog!
  • Happy Birthday Gillian! Surely that should be a decent enough excuse for not exercising today?!

    What: not sure at the moment but it's a toss-up between speed-work or an easy 30 mins depending on how I feel at lunchtime.
    Why: would like to do speedwork but had a really busy day yesterday and am tired.
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: tuesday
  • Thanks RR - 'fraid now that I've started a new year I've decided to up my efforts towards exercising so today was a fresh start - also there's a big choccy cake and chinese carry out waiting for me after work !!!
  • Happy Birthday Gillian, i agree with RR, take the day off.!

    what - rest day, why - couldn't get out of bed - why - did an am and pm session yesterday, and also have Badminton match tonight.

    if you've got any spare cake going...
  • Happy birthday, Gillian. Are we allowed to know the number?

    You CAN'T up your efforts towards exercising any more than you're already doing, since you seem to train twice a day quite often already. Don't burn yourself out, please. And you can cope with some cake and choccy without needing to burn it off in advance.
  • I'm 26 now (even went to the gym last night so I could put my age in the machine as 25 for the last time !! - how sad)
    Anyway I still feel 18 so that's the main thing. My dad just phoned me to remind me that it's downhill to 30 now, but what confuses me is that it should be worse for him than me as if his eldest child is getting old then what does that say about him.....
    Oh I got a rally day as a pressie - not for another 3 weeks but I can't wait - yippee !!!
  • Happy Birthday Gillian.

    Cath i hope you got some more sleep later.

    what - club night - and as I've only been going a month who knows what that will be!
    why - its Thursday
    last rest - Tues
    last hard day - Mon
  • Happy birthday Gillian, what's this about it being downhill to 30? That makes the rest of us more or less ready for a free bus pass.

    Vrap, you'd never know from your training you'd just done a 1/2m, what's going on?

    What: gorgeous day, hope to sneak out for an hr of something at lunchtime, so long as I log off the forum NOW and get on with something useful.
    Why: not doing any speed work 'til the weekend, my hamstrings were still sore yesterday and cold just about going.
    Last rest: Tues
    Last hard: Sun
  • Don't let your dad scare you. You're still a nipper. He's just trying to project his feeling-old-coz-my-daughter's-26 problem on to you. Don't let him do it! Could be worse - my mother has been describing me as "nearly 40" since my early thirties because she loves to hear people tell her that they can't believe she has a daughter of 40.

    Life begins at 26! That's the age I was when my oldest child was conceived. I didn't start running till I was 37.
  • Half-marathon? Pah! Nice long training run in the sunshine with plenty of people to talk to. Seriously, I have not had a twinge anywhere for weeks, including post-race. I have an awful feeling that my legs are storing up some big trouble to spring on me when I least want it because this is too good to be true.
  • Thanks V-Rap !!
    but I think children could be a long way off yet - no maternal instincts at all!!!
    I only got my dog a year ago and he's enough of a handful.
    One thing that does show I'm getting old is that my brother and I actually get on with each other !! We even go out to the pub together - and he comes round to visit me without my mum telling him to. When we were younger we fought all the time.
  • 20 to 22 = 20ish
    22 to 26 = low 20s
    27 to 28 = mid 20s
    29 = 20s
  • When I took on my current job, aged 28, I told people that I was 34 because I looked like a nipper and wanted to be though older so that I'd be taken seriously.
    Now, ten years on, I'm trying to claw back those six years.
  • I've had similar problems in my job, V'rap although I've never actually lied about my age (either way). In my case when I started lecturing, the students found it hard to take me seriously because I didn't look much older than them. I still don't but they've since discovered that I am an old 'git' (by their standards...I'm nearly 30) because they don't know some of the examples I use...vinyl records, the Sinclair C5, the drought of '76....
  • I always had a bit of a baby face which meant I could never get served in pubs when I was a tennager (probably a good thing!). Looking young has always been a real problem for me (in terms of being taken seriously) and its only now that I have the odd grey fleck that its not too bad.

    However, I still get surprised looks when I tell people my eldest daughter is 11.....the joys of being a child groom!
  • 43 & still looking wonderful....
    ...which is more than can be said of that painting of me hanging in the loft....
  • Tuesdays planned steady run turned into more of a tempo run as I knocked 1 min 16 secs off my previous time for a 4 miles circuit, so yesterday had a rest day. Today, am: peak physique (weights class) at gym and pm: 5 miles steady
    Last hard day: Tues
  • Happy birthday Gillian
  • Grandfather........bald
    Eldest brother.....bald
    Me.................full head of hair but worried!
  • what: depending on how I feel when I get home: nothing or a short speedy thrash (2 miles in sub 12 mins)

    why: last session before Sun

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: last Thu

    nothing looks favourite at the moment
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