various points of pain arrrgghhh frustrating



For some time I have had pain in the piriformis and the lower back all on the right side. I had sports massage and was given physio excercises to help. Whilst that pain is still there albeit to a lesser degree, I now have intense pain in my right foot, under the middle toe - numbness, feels like running on a stone. I am wondering whether I actually have a trapped nerve or whether I might need some orthotics in my shoes.

Has anyone had this pain before? Any ideas to help will be appreciated, I am running slower than a snail at the moment image



  • Chris - it may well all be related, does relieving the pisiform (with stretching or rolling around on a tennis ball) alleviate the foot pain/numbness at all?

  • The foot pain is only when I run, so I am thinking maybe putting pressure on it has something to do with it? A friend said they had similar foot pain and it turned out to be sciatica? I guess the complication is having the other stuff with it lol. I am wondering whether to see a podiatrist to see if I need orthotics, but don't really want to spend lots of money if I don't need them. image

  • I think I'd be going back to the physio rather than a pod and thinking of orthotics. If the pain comes from your back and is nerve related orthotics won't help at all. 

  • You've got a Morton's neuroma - classic description. 

    Think your PFS is coincidental.....

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    What is my best option for treating this? I have just had a straight leg test and that has ruled out sciatica, new excercises for pfs.

  • Its on my second toe, does mortons not happen between 3rd and 4th?

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    What is my best option for treating this? I have just had a straight leg test and that has ruled out sciatica, new excercises for pfs.

  • MN is commonly either between 2/3/4 toes, due to a nerve being compressed between the bones. It can happen betwwen 1/2 and 4/5 but is less common. 

    Your PFS is just a syndrome - a collection of symptoms. Stretching will only make it feel better, but it'll never get you better until somebody understands the cause of the syndrome. 

    Change the cause to deal with the symptoms.....mostly due to having too much, uncontrolled motion in your lumbar spine due to a stiff thoracic spine. 

    Same rules for MN - why have you got it? Shoes, foot posture, running technique, poor lower limb control....

  • I do have a cervical rib on both sides, could this be the cause of my problems?

  • Nope. But I'm sure some would use it for justification of failed treatment....

  • Should I just book a physio lol

  • I would. One of my colleagues has Morton's and it's a difficult one to fix - usually cortisone injections help a bit. Wouldn't hurt to see a doctor.

  • Booked in at docsimage

  • Turned out to be burstisis,  have been booked in for an injection and physio. Had 2 days rest and feet are feeling ok after today's run. Butt still hurst though image

  • A bursa in your foot?

  • Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome to be precise lol

  • ...ah, another syndrome!

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