Fit Fat Club - Thurs 10th Oct 2002

Couldn't sleep.... have a nice day all.


  • Morning, Cath. Hope you're all set for today. I see you and I missed a good party on yesterday's thread. Honestly! Can't turn my back for a few hours to do some virtuous exercise without everyone hitting the bottle.

    I had a slightly early night last night and woke up early this morning so came to do some paperwork and somehow found myself logged on here. Must try not to log on when I get to work.

    Been doing not too badly with my other addiction - only three Werthers in the past 2 days, and no chewy toffees at all. Trying to fill the gap with proper food.

    Soon be time to wake the family, and need to part-cook a few onions for Kevin's school cookery lesson because I don't have any chives, which she wants to put in her cheese scones. Maybe they'll smell the onions, think they're getting a fry-up, and jump out of bed. In my dreams.
  • Morning all
    Seems I was the only sober one last might, EP, are you SURE you werent drinking?
    Did a gentle 30minute run this am
    Serious half marathon training starts when I find the relevant copy of RW
    Could be a while, rooms a tip!
    GOOD LUCK Cath, will be thinking of you
  • Go well Cath. Busy day today, late night coming up and then have to get daughter and two friends to school in the morning at 5.15!!!!!!!!!!! in order to be bussed to the Channel Tunnel for the inevitable Somme visit. I must have a sleep this afternoon.
  • Morning everyone
    Just ploughed through last night's posts. Hope there aren't too many sore heads this morning. Wonder if those 6am runs happened?

    Benz, have you found the RW you were looking for? Might have a copy of it if your one doesn't turn up, I tend to hoard them.
  • Morning all,
    I got up at 6 this morning and went for a run, Another 2 1/2 miles. feeling pretty good. To be honest i was feeling really good at teh end, i was not that out of breath. Which made me feel good. I am going to carry on with this distance for the rest of the week, then i will add an extra 1/2 mile next week.

    Have a good day all

  • Glenn, I hope you've sent your Suicide Sixish application off because I've just stuck a stamp on mine. Wonder if anyone from the Fat Club would be interested? Gordon! GORDON! There's a GREAT race for army boys going on in the West Midlands on November 17th. Benz, you'd LOVE this one. Everyone - Glenn says there are lots of hills and steps - good for toning that butt up. Not sure how close it is to home, but all welcome to partake of some dripping flesh in the Raptor cavern if it's close enough.
  • Good morning!

    I went for 12 min run this morning (about 1.1 miles)- short run as I am making a comeback after about 2 months of not doing much. Did the same yesterday.

    Anyway I was reading the late Fat Club posts from last night -very entertaining - thanks! - but being a bit of a newbie around here could someone tell me what the dark side is all about?

    Hope you all have good runs today (or rest days!)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all you earlybirds.

    Good luck Cath. Try to think yourself fit.

    Bet there are some hangovers around this morning judging by last night's thread!

    I'm on day 4 of my back on track eating plan and still feel resolute. This will of course come to an end this evening which is traditionally our curry night out at the local Indian. Even if I manage to restrain myself on the food, there's always the wine and whisky to take their toll! Only 4 days to go and I can go back to the gym and try a gentle jog. Although it's only been 3 weeks since the op. I feel as if I've lost loads of fitness. Still, I expect I'll soon get back into it again.

    Good luck to everyone weighing in today.

    Michelle, hope the news on Steve isn't as bad as we suspect. Thinking of you.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Welcome Scarlet and well done on the run. Just take it slowly and you'll soon get back into it. Beware of the Dark Side, it's a dangerous place!
  • Susie, you are permitted to drink lassi and water with your tandoori chicken and plain boiled rice :-)

    Well done so far. You may be surprised how little fitness you'll have lost in those 3 weeks, and your body soon remembers how well trained it was.
  • Morning all

    Mad a stake and ale casserole last night (marvellous) made a bit too much so having it again for lunch (Even more marvellous) better than sarnies any day


  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    WW was that a typo or have you got Mad Cow disease ;-)

    V-rap, sorry to be thick but what's lassi? (the only Lassie I know is a loveable doggie). I hope you're right about the fitness - I really am raring to go but hubby is being firm with me (no rude comments please) and sticking rigidly to what the Specialist said.
  • RH - I’m dyslexic and cannot spell – or it may have been an anti-vampire stew
  • No jokes about jointed sheepdogs being found in restaurant freezers, please. Lassi is a yogurt drink that is served in most curry-houses. It's much better than beer or water for taking the fire out of your mouth when you're eating curry.
  • Morning all,
    I'm having a truly terrible time.. good eating plan has gone out the window and I'm comfort-eating on chocolate and jaffa cakes at the moment.. my lovely cousin Steve is undergoing his surgery this please think of him.. Wasn't going to do anything today other than feel sorry for myself, but my friend has just rung and is making me go running with her. I feel dreadful and have had no sleep hardly, worrying about my cousin - a big, fit man who has never smoked in his life and is always in the gym..not bloody fair is it. Anyway, hope you all have a good day - think I might be on the alcohol tonight too!
    Michelle xx
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Michelle, sorry love. Bad call for Steve, most unfair. Thinking of him all day. Don't expect the run will cheer you up but may occupy your mind and body for a while. You have permission to eat and drink as necessary to get you though this.
  • Michelle, I'll say a prayer for Steve on my run this afternoon.

    Do have your run but if you're worried and have had a sleepless night you're going to want caffeine and sugar and there isn't any point beating yourself up about it.
  • Michelle, sorry about Steve, I'll be thinking of him.
  • I hope you are paying attention out there. V-rap is right - the Suicide Six(ish) is perfect for runners with a Hobnob problem. No pressure to finish in any particular time, you can't possible run all of it anyway, and those steps are GREAT for the butt and thighs. There are even cold water treatments for those of you who prefer alternative therapies :-). It's not far from Dudley.

    More info, including a map, on:

    Repeat the mantra: "Brighton is too flat..Brighton is too flat.."
  • I hope the river isn't in spate, Glenn - I have never had the slightest desire to try colonic irrigation.
  • Morning all, Well done all you early birds, takes me all my time to get up in time for work in the morning far less go for a run! Started today full of good intentions diet wise. Must keep to it cause Tuesday's weigh in at WW will come too soon and last nights G & T's didn't help!! Will go out for a run tonight (hopefully for 3 miles) as can't make still recovering after Sunday an excuse any longer although my legs still ache a bit. Need all the motivation I can get as I don't get any from the other half. I tell him I am really going to loose weight this time and what do I get "Oh no not again heard it all before". Only 5 weeks to Brighton so I really need to work hard.
  • Michelle, sorry to hear about your cousin. I'll be thinking of him today.

    V-Rap, I'd love to do the suicide but I've got the same problem as I have for the Brighton. It's my fiancee's birthday on the Monday and we are going to be in Nottingham at her parents. Hang on though... Nottingham isn't that far from Brummie-land. I may be able to nip across do the run and nip back without being missed. What distance is the run.

    I hope I get to do it to prove Glenn wrong about not being able to run the whole thing :-)
  • Gordon
    I too am of the partly psycopathic (and unproductive) "I never walk" school of thought, but that one beat me. Not sure the route will be the same this year, but when I did it there were 230-odd BIG steps up a pit-mound in the middle.

    Bring the finacee along. It could give her a good laugh...
  • All I have to do is hear my sergeant screaming in my ear ... I won't stop then. I did my basic training at Borden in Hampshire and there is a tank assault course there. It has massive steep hills and really deep puddles and rivers for the tank drivers to go through their paces. We used to have to run that every couple of days... it was awful...

    I think I am going to try and convince the fiancee and her parents to come along. Sounds brilliant.
  • I used to commute from Brum to Nottingham by train, so it can be done, Gordon. Just pretend you're popping out to buy your fiancee an extra-special surprise birthday present. When she sees the state your feet are in afterwards, she'll be impressed by the lengths you've gone to for her.
  • Fantastic plan V-Rap
  • Morning (again) everyone. So you guys had a party eh..? Hhhmph. I wish I'd have had the sense to look in and get cheered up a bit. Spent last night mainly in the bath with a glass of red wine (cabernet sauvignon) seeing as wine will be off the edibles list for the next week to 10 days. Haven't started the day brilliantly - haven't had anything to eat just yet mainly because my tummy is already churning at the thought of the impending (doom) nausea and upset (sigh). Nevermind, I'm off to the local ASDA in a wee while to get some salad-y type stuff seeing as fresh crispy stuff was the only thing I couls eat last time I thought I'd stock up for the weekend :o)

    later gators
  • hello all.
    prayers ascending for your cousin, Michelle! All will be well, i'm sure.
    Am feeling smug this morning as went for fantastic run last night. took a friend and now have created a new addict 'can i come next time, too, that was fantastic'. So now i have some company nad incentive on my lazy days. :-)
    Managed about 45 mins of r4w1, which was good for me, and i wasnt dead by the end!
    looking forwrd to a longer run on sat now!
    hope all goes as well for eveyone else.
    keep smiling,
  • As there will now be unprecedented demand for entry forms for the Suicide Six I've got a pdf version from the organisers. Just email me and I'll send it on.
  • God you fitfat folk are scary - suicide six! And there was me feeling good about a fast walk around the golf course!

    Question: is peanut butter an enemy or a friend (as in peanut butter and marmite sandwich not by the jarful!)

    Im not a meat eater so I thought it might be a good source of protein although I know its high in fat
    any thoughts?
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