Long run Nausea

Afternoon All,

I'm after a bit of advice as to combating the awful nausea I get after a long run. I've just come back in from an 18 mile long run as I train for the Chester Marathon. I feel awful. I am cold, I am shivering.

I set off at 9 this morning and my meals have been as follows:

7am - Bagel with peanut butter + banana + coffee

9am - End of Run - SiS Energy Gels + 1.5 SiS Energy Bars + Electrolyte hydration from a hydration backpack

Get home - feel awful. Feel weak. Felt too sick to drink or eat so I went for a shower and cold water on the legs. I've only now (40 minutes after) managed to drink 3 glasses of milk and eat something.

Just before I shower I did dry heave but nothing came up. I think that was just the nausea coming through.

I must be doing something wrong. I've never run 18 miles during training before. Even during the Asics262 campaign due to injury 16 miles was the longest training run.

Any advice appreciated,



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    How many gels are you taking on the run? Looks like you are consuming quite a lot for a training run.

    How fast are you running the 18 miles in relation to your marathon PB pace.

    I had similar symptoms last week, but that was after smashing myself in a race.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    i only ever get nauseous after a long run if I've had gels or more than about 500ml of sports drink.   I had to stop at eighteen miles at Chester last year with the worst nausea I've ever had, not just chocking up but the whole clammy skin thing too. 


    I eouldnt go do far as to say I won't ever use gels again but I am beginning to seriously doubt that they are much use and I think I'd rather enjoy my training and run a slightly slower race. I will be having a crack at Chester too if I feel ok on the day, if I run faster than last year then I will never use another gel!



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I only ever use gels in races now. The sugar crash at the end isn't really worth it unless I'm racing something important.
  • Can you slow down a bit and eat proper food? Clif bars are my main running food now- I occaisionally eat a shot blok, but no way could I use gels in that quantity. The sudden sugar rush from gels may well be leading to rebound hyponatraemia half an hour later- which is how your symptoms sound..................

  • welshgjewelshgje ✭✭✭

    Sorry for the delay getting back to everyone:

    @millsy : I always take my gels on a run to make sure I get it right. This was advised during the Asics training for the longer runs - getting the strategy right. I have my 20 mile run on Sunday and will look to get it sorted again.   I’m trying to get faste so am running my 18 miler faster than what I ran Paris. Due to injury, Paris was a run/walk affair. I’m running Chester.  

    @Mr Puffy : Sports drink makes me feel sick. So I just take water in my backpack - however on longer runs it starts getting warmer and horrible. Not quite sure how to keep it cool. I don’t like carrying a bottle as it makes my shoulders hurt.   Good luck if you do run Chester.  

    @tricialitt : I did eat 1.5 SiS bars during my training run. I’l look at these shot bloks - but need to get them in asap before Saturday. Clif bars? Hmmm - do you get them in Tesco? Not sure I want to mess with things now.  

    One thing for sure is that the SiS Gels do make me feel sick in large amounts - and they are not the caffene versions.   Thanks everyone.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Fill your bladder with ice on a hot day!

  • Carry some solid food to eat as soon as you finish the run? Eat it irrespective of if you don't feel like it and see how that goes? Sounds like you just pushed yourself hard and need to eat, sometimes we make to much fuss, and a simple thing like eating even if you don't feel like it is a quick and easy answer. 

  • I am totally messing up my fuel at the moment. Cannot seem to get it right. I took less out on Sunday for my 20 miler.

    Got to 17 miles and felt weak so as I was passing a shop I called in and got a Snickers and a Lucozade. Sat for two mins to eat it all and felt a lot better - finished the run fine.

    Didn't feel sick or nausous at the end. I just need to find the right combination and quickly - before Chester anyway!

    Thanks everyone.


  • If you wait until you start to get symptoms of lack of fuelling you have waited half an hour to late, you just have to learn it's part of your race craft, and it's as important as running if you grind to a halt you've screwed up, so you just have to man up and eat food or gels even if they aren't nice image carry a stop watch to beep every 40m or similar and when it goes eat something, didn't you get a garmin on the asics thing? image set the run/walk intervals to 40m or whatever time period you want, as an alert to remind you to eat.

  • What pace are you running your long runs at?
  • @booktrunk : Yes I agree - but there is really no need to be so nasty about it. 'Man up'? Really? I just asked for advice. I know it's part of the race craft and believe it or not I am doing what I was told during the Asics campaign.

    I did indeed get a Garmin watch on the 'asics thing'.

    I am also happy to eat when I am running be it gels or food - but read the first post.


    @Millsy : Slower than my race pace (as advised during the Asics campaign).


    I'm working on it. I'll get there.

  • @booktrunk : Nice blog by the way. Interesting read. I work in IT and Comp Sci as well.

  • Sorry I included a few smileys it wasn't meant to come over in they way you read it. image The joys of the internet.

    But also that's the point of LSR's so you can find out all these things and try different things. If something doesn't work then next LSR it needs to be changed to something else.

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