Athens Marathon 2003

I quite fancy this one for a few reasons:

1. It's run from Marathon to Athens, so has a little bit of history associated with it.

2. It's the Olympic course for 2004, so I can "be there first"

3. The weather in Greece at that time of year will be vastly different to the grey of the UK I can currently see.

Any thoughts? Long way to go I realise, but if there's plenty of interest, could be added to the list of "A race for all of us to meet at"


  • What is the date?
  • This year it's 3 November - clashes with NY, but for those who run FLM in the spring, is an option for a less crowded second marathon of the year (or third or fourth depending on your 26.2 addiction!), slightly closer to home. Website is
  • Injury permitting you can pencil me in. I think in finnishes in the old olympic stadium, and is said to be the best marathon finnishing line in the world.
  • Wow, sounds like a fantastic run to do. Doesn't get much better than racing from Marathon to Athens itself.

    I'd love to do it - will have to see how FLM goes first.

  • I ran this in 1993 - it probably is the best finishing straight in the world in the old stadium. 1st half is pretty flat, then a climb from 14 to 20 miles, then down into the city. Anyone know of a tour operator offering a package - Sports Tours ran one in 1993, but they're not planning to do so again next year...

  • Any one got a link for the organisors?
  • Just had a look at the ACM website - seems online registration for 2/11/03 will be available during January. I'm definitely going to apply - still no sign of any UK tours being organised, but I spotted a US website offering accommodation & support packages (no flights) - if anyone else is interested, I'll do a bit more "digging" for info...

  • Paul I used to live just outside of Athens in Glyfada.
    It would probably be best to book a cheap flight with Easy jet and get a hotel from the GNTO (Greek tourist board) or just run a search on Athens hotels. Or if you like I've still got friends in Glyfada who could book rooms there.
  • Thanks pizzaman, good idea; I'll do some more websurfing. Anyone else planning to do ACM, pls let me know.

  • Paul have you entered yet?
  • not yet...
  • The main thing that puts me off this one is the elevation profile. It looks like _hard_ work.

    Going to wait and see how FLM goes - my main target for the year is to get a 3:15 qualifying time. If I don't manage it at London, I'll do the flattest, fastest autumn marathon I can find. If by some miracle I do manage it, then I'll seriously think about doing Athens.
  • Official website now announces online registration available in April. The US website "" is offering a selection of tours - there's a "minimal support" package (race entry fee, 3 nights B&B plus pasta meal on the Sat, extra drinks etc) available which doesn't include flights. I'll be having a close look at this tonight to see how it compares price-wise with a couple of citybreaks I've seen... watch this space.
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