Stupid question about running

Hi all OK stupid question time. As a beginner in doing a walk/run combination currently managing 2.78 miles in 25 mins with 4x5 Min runs and 2 Min walking breaks. So can I say that I have been on a 2.78 mile run or does that not count as it has walking breaks included. When I see everyone posting that they've done 11k or whatever is that only pure running or some walking too?? Said it was a stupid question


  • Sorry should clarify my 2.78 session was 31 mins including the walking bits.
  • It's up to you really. Personally I'd count it all.
  • ^^^ this image

    There are many people that train using run-walk-run plans and also 'run' races the same way and then again there are people that say if you walk through drink stations during a marathon you shouldn't say you 'ran' it!

  • Cheers for that both! image

    Guess I'm asking as training now for a planned race and thinking of changing my training plan but was asked how long I can currently run for and in my head I say 5 mins as that's what I run before I have a break but all in then yes it is more like 31 mins. 

    See I said it was a stupid question image

  • yep count it all image 

    don't worry about how far anyone else goes, or what time they take, the only person you are ever racing is yourself image just do what you can. 


  • Thanks Booktrunk, appreciate the advice. Bit of a perfectionist and a bit self conscious so really not sure if I can assign myself the title of runner as yet, guess I view someone who runs a 5 or 10k or whatever as someone who fully runs it but you're right, it's a personal achievement relevant to you and you alone!
  • Lots of people who do park runs walk bit's, heck I know someone who does sub 21m 5k park runs and has walking breaks image 

    plus lots of marathon runners have walk breaks here n there, they certainly still count it as having done the marathon image so don't worry if you set out one day to run 5km and in places it involves walking as long as you get to the end and you've run some of it, then you can consider it having been run, then comes the fun of trying to improve your times. 

  • Yes indeed and I suppose improving on times is part of the challenge!! I certainly feel more positive about my running now!

    OK so what's the consensus on running nearly every day? Thinking of proper running 3 times a week and maybe since hill reps for about 20 mins twice a week. Where I live avoiding hills is not an option and if like to make the most of them. Can't cross train really, no time or money for the gym
  • Stick to 3 runs a week for now or you're likely to get injured. As for cross training - walking is great cross training for running, especially up hills!

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