Can I just file this down?

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Hi, relatively new to cycling and noticed this on my rear wheel today.  I don't know how it happened (I don't remember curbing the bike or anything) but when under braking it's making a "ch-ch-ch-ch" sound.

I did about 35-miles with it like this, and when I got home the brake block on that side seems fine as far as I can tell.

Can I just file this down with something - if so, what would be recommended to use?  Or is a new wheel required?




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    Yes no problem, not sure what would be best to use, maybe some kind of sandpaper or whatever the modern equivalent is, finish it with something quite fine.   You could maybe drop the brake block to avoid it too.   

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    Thanks, I'll have a go at it tomorrow before my ride image

  • Blimey. What pressure in the tyres ? Is the other side ok ?
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    Cougie, I've had the bike 6 weeks and got it from a respected LBS. The pressure is at about 90 PSI according to my pump. Not sure if my pump is accurate (it's brand new) but the tyres do seem firm compared to what I was used to as a kid, alhough there is a little bit of 'give' when I manually check them.

    The other side seems fine to me.
  • I would peen it over first, as if you just try and use sandpaper, it'll take ages and you'll probably end up rubbing the good area around the damage quite a bit as well.  So, tap it flat (gently) and then use a small file (not paper) to trim the rest down, before doing the last tiny bit with paper.

  • why pee over it faithsdaddy....won't it smell in the living room


  • You pee on it in the bathroom then give it a rub in the garden...

  • peening it over may leave you with a sharp rag just waiting to detach itself into the tyre, you might dent the rim too.

    tyre and tube off and gently file down, finish with fine wet and dry, clean up and tube and tyre back on.

  • As Cougie alluded to, the tyre looks like it could be a bit soft to compress that far.

  • If it was my wheel I'd pop the tyre off and take that bit out very gently with a dremel. 

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    Ah, I misunderstood what Cougie was saying then.   I thought he was saying the tyre looked to be too hard.  I'll double check what is on the tyre.

  • Sorry - yes thats what I was saying. In order for the rim to be damaged like that - the tyre must have been soft - so it would be funny that just one side was damaged.

    I think your pump must be reading a bit high - 90PSI shouldnt let a tyre deform like that unless it was a massive impact.
  • When i saw the title of this thread i thought it was to do with an std
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    Cougie, you were right that my pump was reading a bit high.  All sorted now.  As the bike is new it was due its 6-8 week free service by the LBS and amongst other things they checked the tyre pressure and it was low so I need a new pump image  They sorted the rim out for me as well, so all is fine.  I know you all know this but a decent LBS is really good to know as this was all done for free.  I did pick up some bits and pieces whilst I was in there but didn't get a track pump as I was off for a ride afterwards image

  • Oh good news. All is well that ends well.
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