Blenheim 10k

How nice is this course anyone?
Do you get to see the Palace on your way around?
Will there be mud?


  • Very nice course through parkland. A couple of small hills, nothing too bad. Beautiful views of the palace from a few points on the course, especially as you come over one rise near the end, and it appears ahead of you. Would have enjoyed it a whole lot more if wasn't being overtaken at the time.

    Can't remember much mud, largely on tarmac with a couple of grassy bits.
  • Thanks for the info - I am now looking forward to it. Sounds even better than the Nike 10k in Richmond park - that was fairly scenic.
    Fingers crossed we have a fabulous autumn day to go with the views!
    Might even try for a PB if possible!
  • Hey, Lisa. See you at Blenheim. I have walked in the grounds a few times and always remarkes that it would be fab to run round. Have a great run.
  • Yes - see you all on Sunday - fingers crossed the rain keeps off & the sun shines.
    Got my number this week - need £20 in sponser money to receive the medal - bit of a cheek really as it's entrance fee + £6 to park :(
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