lakeland 50/ 100

After a 3 year break from ultra running to concentrate on triathlon I have decided to return to ultras and do my first 100 next year


really excited about the prospect and have even started my training with a 4 mile run yesterday and a 6 miler this morningimageimage



  • Guilty as charged.image (i've got two chances to break my 100 duck before LL, so it might be my first 100 finish, but I hope not) and of course it's actually sneakily around 105 miles image


  • seren nos: Have you got any particular plan in mind, or are you just going to see how you feel each week and make it up as you go along.

    I was thinking seriously about the ultraladies plan and love that it says this is the bare minimum... but that has 2178km / 1354m in their 26 week plan, and i'm going to struggle to do that much this year never mind in only six months.

  • A very nice person has created a series of videos of the whole course... THANKS!!

    Virtual Recces


  • i found thgose videos yesterday.they are brilliant.. going to spend some winter evenings tucked up under a blanket with my hubby watching them again and again....

    I have the ultrladies 50m and 100m plans printed off.........and I am going to try and folow first the 50 and then the 100


     but I always get bored with a plan  but its great to get me going.... I will also chuck in a few extra races along the way.........haven't gone over 50 before and haven't done ultras for 3 years so am excited about getting back into it....#

    doing the roman run over the brecon beacons on saturday as  the plan had a 16 miler and that race is 16 miles so fits in perfectly  image

    a lot of my training will be on the brecon beacons as its not too far away from me  image

  • I'm nervous about them saying not good enough to do it image

    Completed a couple of 50s and got another next weekend, The furthest i've gone is 57 in a DNF. But I should have gone further than that by the time the race comes around.

    Just got the email saying they will be looking at all entries from next week, and should have that done by 21st and sent out any emails if necessary for further information.

  • I just had that email and panicked....just went back and added more information about myself and hubby....

    I haven't done ultras for 3 years and the furthest was 50 miles.but I have done a lot of triathlons in the last 2 hoping that will count.......image

    Hubby hasn't officially done much.......but he is a lot faster and fitter than me so will be the stronger of the pair of us on the day....

     I have already planned a 28 miler with lost of hills for a months time and have a 47 miler race in November.a 50 miler in May and and a few others pencilled in....

    I really hope we don't get rejectedimage

    I have done an event when i was going for 40 hours with just a 20 min nap during the one night so am confident I can have a good go at it....


  • seren nos: wait until you get in and he doesn't!! image there will be war when you say you've got to go out for a long run!! Think they just put some in to the 50 don't know how many it happens to. 

    Are you in as a pair or two individuals? 

  • we are as a pair.........he did say if he din't get in he would still train with me........But i really want to do the event together.....

    if I am in the 100 and he is in the 50 ... we will have to get together in the second half  image

  • I have done the 50 twice so I haven't entered us into it on a whim... I know the amount of training we will have to do......I only hope they drop those who haven't done anything much at all....


     nervous times await me

  • 3 weeks hoping not to get an email. Good luck for all of us.  I reckon as you've done the 50 your safe.

  • For anybody wanting to do this event for the first time, the organised recces are worth their weight in gold. 

  • Yep, I'm in for the 100 miler too. image

    Can't make the first recce, as I have plans that day, however I should be ok for the others (and will make sure I go the night recce for certain).

    Fortunately, I'm not too far from the Lakes, so I'm intending to get in a few more runs up there too..  If anyone wants to tag along, then the company would be good.  

  • I've signed up for the 3rd recce day already, (the 2nd quarter of the race). Not sure about the others.
  • I have signed up for the two recces for the first 2 sections.......Its a long way for us to get to the lakes and get the kids can't do all 4 


    as i have done the  50 twice I am relying on my memory and the extra people on the course to get me through  image


  • Even if you can only find time to do one recce, it will give you experience running on Lake District terrain, and this can be a big game changer. It is an awfully steep learning curve otherwise!

  • I'm not on this time, but am considering the 50 for a future year. I've not been to the lakes* - how different is the terrain from say the Peak District?

    *This is not technically true, but I was in nappies at the time, and wasn't thinking about running!
  • I found the terrain in places on the 50 made it very difficult to run compared to other races

  • I loved reading the reports from this years race. Not sure I agree about the 'legend' hype but do love the look of the race, and the checkpoints look nice n close together, so lots of them image the hills are scary, I think I'm going to be sod caring what anyone thinks and going to be a card carrying member of 'poles r us' for this race. 

  • In for 100 again. Cant wait. Awesome event.

  • If you finish the 100 you are a Legend, a legend in your own fish-bowl maybe, but still a legend.  But when you're driving home, and you stop at services 200 miles away whilst wearing your finishers T-shirt, and some random stranger comes up to you and gives you a congratulatory hug you certainly feel pretty special.

    I felt the same about the slogan on the marshals T-shirts when I rocked up this year.  I understood what it meant when I arrived at the finish line and the previously packed car park was not quite as packed.  You need to have a special quality to finish this, it's all too easy to bow out, drive home and maybe think about coming back next year to bow out again.

    Yeah, I imagine there's tougher challenges; I'll get around to them in a bit.

  • o hope that we aren't rejected as i have spent a fortune already on some good warm up events for this raceimage

  • I just worked out who you is seren image that's one facebook stalker i can now put a proper name to image

  • booktrunk wrote (see)

    I just worked out who you is seren image that's one facebook stalker i can now put a proper name to image

    Stalking again Seren?!

  • Nooooooooo I wos joking! image Just with 200 people following me on facebook I struggle to actually know who most of them are! it's nice to link a random facebook name with a real person!! Don't!! I know you think that is mad, but, to me the RW forum is the real person the fb isn't image I have family follow me on FB so i'm a lot better behaved on it image

  • I don't post much on Facebook really either, so there's not much of a distinction between here and there - I'm the shy, retiring type on both sites image

    Seren, on the other hand.......

  • I think once you get out training on the course you will understand the Legend tag booktrunk! It is quite an undertaking...

    Peronel - the 50 is a fab event. It is a lot rockier than the Peaks so the terrain is much tougher underfoot, particularly as the course follows a lot of byways/bridleways so many of the tracks are covered in big loose stones/boulders which turn your feet and ankles every which way! The scenery and the atmosphere just make everything so worth it though - I spent most of this year's event (other than the bit where I was throwing up) thinking how amazingly lucky I was. Also, the 50 cut offs are very generous (unlike the 100), so even if you have to walk the vast majority of the course, time is not an issue.

    Sean Osc - that's a great story and congratulations on finishing the 100.

    I'm planning other things for next year, but hoping to target L100 for 2016 if all goes well.

  • Am I following you on facebook...didn't know you could and I didn't know you could follow people there.I thought that was twitter...I'm crap with technology...image


    Pudge... remember i know where you live so be careful what you say  image

    need to put my card away and stop entering races  and actually do some running... schedule says 4 miles today  image

  • I had a look at the homepage and it seems that the race is filled up already. Is it correct that you have to register almost a year ahead to get a starting spot in this race? 

  • Yes, took 18-20 minutes to fill up. This year on 1st of Sept.

    BUT in october if you want to pay more, £190 or £170 instead of £90 or £70 get one of the 200 charity spaces, basically you agree to raise £100 for charity on top of the fee, so Just pay it yourself it's still not expensive for such a popular race.

    Also, in january they release more places because of people that have dropped out through various reasons, they do it on a specific date so keep an eye out for when on their website, but these also go incredibly quickly as well.

  • did a hard 16 miler race today across the brecon i haven't done hills much recently my legs are not talking to me...

    still knocked over 6 mins from my previous PB so thats a good start to my training image  will back it up in the morning hopefully with a run


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