time to train??

was running well up until july when i had a bad fall on my horse and had a month off due to a bad back, starting running again in august and pulled a muscle in my neck on hols!! now due to a bad bout of flu followed by a sinus infection( i know i sound like an old crock, but i'm hardly ever ill, but when i am, i really am if you know what i mean)i havent run since august, however i am possibly going to start again after the weekend as i'm feeling a little better, would i still realistically be able to put in the training needed for the flm, i dont want to do it if it means taking the place of someone who has put the training in.


  • Greeny.Greeny. ✭✭✭
    I would say that you had time to train. I think the important thing is to get your place - you can always pull out before if you don't feel up to it. Plenty of people have to pull out through minor injury so I wouldn't worry too much about this.
  • Yep, I reckon you have plenty of time. I started training having never run before in December last year after having a 'moment of madness' and ran it last April - wouldn't recommend that little training (I felt very sick at the end) but with 7 months to go I think you'll be fine. Go for it!
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