Stratford Triathon

got an email today saying only 200 of the allocated 1000 places remaining.

enter online at

( doesnt seem to work)


  • ed
    I tried the link too and it failed. I applied late last year as soon as they said I could. I really enjoyed Stratford last year and started off with no specific training what so ever and this year aim to be somewhat better. I just enjoy taking part and may go for it a bit more on the bike section this year as I feel I saved myself for the hill near the end without maybe needing to. I'm going to start riding last years bike course once a month soon so I know how to attack it.
    see ya there

  • only 400m swim this year too.. should make things less chaotic.

    i absolutely loved the bike course.. took it easy till i was out of the town & next village & then nailed it.. took it easy approaching the hill and then span up it.. couldn't beleive how much hard work people were making of it..

    caught the guy who started just haead of me coming back into stratford (didn't see him for dust in the pool!).. and managed to hold him off, seeing him after each turn on the run

    all good fun
  • I'm in. It will be my first tri of the year. I just hope it isn't too cold. Didn't know there was a hill though. I train in the flat fens. <gulp>
  • Stratford was on my list for a couple of sprints before going up to Olympic at London.

    How big's this hill then? and where - I originate from Coventry and sort of the know the area.

    is the run flat? 'coz that's my weak link!

    Help please.
  • run is flat. by the river .. but a bit rough in places (uneven ground)

    hill on the bike is on the a46 from the M42 junction up to the roundabout on the way back.. not massively steep but around 3km

    and it was gloriously clear weather last year.
  • It's a great course as ed says the bike is pretty flat apart from a long drag up the A46 at 10 miles but the good thing is is the immense downhill taking you into Stratford from 11miles onwards.
    Don't worry about the hill it looks worse than it is. You'll drive the last 3-4 miles if you go to Stratford from J15 M40 and follow the A46 to the island at the top where you need to bear left past the Merc dealership and down the hill by the golf course.
    Enjoy it, it's a great one.

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