Windsor 1/2....

I finally brought myself to enter the Windsor 1/2 yesterday! What have I done!


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Entered the Windsor half marathon ???

    Do I win a prize ?
  • No. I don't think so anyway!
  • Yes but you do get to meet 30 other forumites, you luck men
  • Hmmm... Don't know if thats a good thing! This'll be my first 1/2 and so I'll probably be a great big embarassment to myself!
  • Have confidence Jon, I am sure you will not be last. You will not trip over your shoe laces at the start and get trodden on by the other runners. And you will finish.

    I am sure you will really enjoy your first 1/2 marathon. I know I did despite the pouring rain. Just take it easy, and remember the first objective is alway enjoy yourself, second finish, third time.
  • Very phillisophical of you there SB, but you're right!
  • So what time are you hoping for Jon. What's your 10K time.
  • I said time was third there for it is not important BK
  • SB, just trying to access if Jon and I might be running this race at about the same pace. I have full faith that he will do the first two things you mention and then the third does become important
  • Jon,

    Welcome to the Windsor half, it's going to be a blue and yellow vest throng up the royal mile to the iron duke at the start.

    You can look forward to the thin paths, number of small hills and the wind across the polo fields. Only joking.

    It was my first ever half marathon when I ran it last year and despite the appalling conditions I still loved it. Before you know it you'll be running full Marathons.

    It's also perfectly placed as a key run in the schedules for the Dublin marathon
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey Jon,

    Don't worry about being last - I'll be keeping up the rear (so to speak!) as it's my first too.

    See you there,


  • In case anyones interested the current roll-call for Windsor off the club website is

    snoop dogg
    Jason L
    Huggy Bear
    Jock McPlop
    mikealex (Blue Knees)
    Fat Face
    daisy dog
    Pizza man
    hives are law

    These are some of you not on there yet as well. Maybe we'll even reach 40.

    For those of you interested in joining the club the site is
  • Yes I'll be there. It's my first half as well, in fact I've never run further than 8 1/3 miles (my latest long Sunday run). I only ran once for the school and that was 1500m over 25 years ago, since that the Sunday Times Fun Run in about 1986 and the Harvel 5 this year are the only other distances I've covered.

    I'm really looking forward to meeting everybody and also the race itself. Oh and I'll be 42 6 days before the event!!!
  • Well! Sounds good (I suppose to some degree it always has otherwise I wouldn't have entered!)

    My 10k PB is 42:38 (GJ10k) so I would hope to do it in 1:40? Is this a realistic goal?

    I thought it would be, as it's only about 12kph on average.

  • Jon bad news 12kph makes it 1:45:30. There are 21.1 km in a half marathon. 12kph also makes 3:31:00 marathon which a lot of us would be extatic to get.
  • Well in that case I'll have to go a bit quiker then!
  • As a quide jon my times are now 43:52 and 1:48:28 but I hope to better the latter next weekend. As you're so YOUNG and fit you may well make 1:40 but I wouldn't be dissapointed with 1:45
  • Hmmm... As I've never done one before I was just guessing, so it looks like we may be going round together, if you'll take me that is!
  • I entered the Windsor Half just before I went on holday and I'm getting more terrified each day - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

    Went for my second ever 10 mile run yesterday and those extra three miles are really going to hurt I think. But as there are so many Forumites running and you're all such nice people I wondered if the fast ones could do their race and then double back, find me and carry me the rest of the way - it's a thought...
  • And a thought that I agree with... I'll be the red face one dressed in a vest and shorts!
  • Sorry Jon posted you're e-mail back before looking at the forum. Sure if you want some company we'll run together. I'll tell you how I get on at Burnham as a guide because I'm hoping to beat my Reading time. 1:45 has a nice sound to it
  • Doesn't stop me from wanting a sub 1:40, just might not mean that I reach it in my first attempt! Who cares! I'm pleased with my 10k time as it's only been a year and a half since I restarted running and have lost 3 stone and 10 minutes off my first 10k back! I just want to meet some of you guys, have a beer and get a decent time if my legs allow me to!?
  • I suspect you'll be OK for all three wishes
  • Hey Jon - good luck - my mate from work is doing it as well. Looks to be a lovely route - all in the Great Park ?

    IO'd love to do it but I'm all evented up - Liverpool Half, then 2 weeks later Lake Vyrnwy Half, and I have to fit about 3 10ks in around then too.

    Maybe next year I'll plan it better.

    Good luck on the 1.40 - Kick asssss !!!
  • Cheers buddy!
  • Blimey, with a 10k time like that you'll be a long way from last, I would love to have a 10k time like that. I would guess with those sort of times you would be in the first half of the field!

    Best of luck.
  • Hi Jon and all,

    You may just get your 1:40 you know, my 10km is 39:51, and my half is 1:30:53, so you could just do it.

    See you all there

  • Ta! As I said the only reason I was thinking 1:40 was because I know no better! We'll just have to wait and see!
  • Jon,

    My 10K pb is 46mins but my 1/2 pb is 1.43 so your 1.40 may not be so far out. That was run at Reading, which I imagine is a quicker course than Windsor.

  • My only 10k is 39 summat and my Half PB is a 1.26 So a 1.40 is easily on for you.

    Just get a good start near the front, and follow somebody who knows that they can do a 1.40. Easy eh ? ;-)
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