Blandford Fast Twitch

Anyone fancy this one? A nice early start to the season.

400m pool swim
15 mile cycle
4.5 miles run

Situated at the Blandford Leisure Centre, Dorset.

I'm making it my first one, although it might still be a bit chilly!


  • Is there nobody who lives in my part of the world:O(
  • Hi Hilly. I've done Blandford a few times, although I didn't do any tri's last year. There is an active triathlon group based around Stur (North Dorset Tri) and there used to be another group in Dorchester (West Dorset Tri). Have you contacted them? They could help with training advice etc.

    I'll not be doing it this year, cos the next week-end (Easter) I plan to run 95 miles form Glasgow to Fort William.
  • Hi MF-The West Dorset Tri group are no longer a group. There are a few at my club who used to belong to them and still do tri's, but not many.

    What is the bike course like at Blandford?

    That's a mighty run you have planned there. Is the run a personal ambition or part of an organised event?
  • Bike course: leave the Sports centre and turn left towards Blandford. Through the avenue of trees and down the hill. Left at Tarrant Keyneston and down to the A350. Then another left and back to Wimborne via the A31.

    The run comes out of the leisure centre and turns left, and next left, and goes past the football club, into the edge of the town and back along the B3082.

    The run is something I want to do. I'm breaking it into 3 stages, but I'll be camping out in the wilds so I will be carrying a lightweight tent etc. I will try to raise sonsorship for Cancer UK, as a family friend died last year.
  • Wahht! Ignore my last post about the route description! Thats the Wimborne event I've described!!!!!

    Dammned if I can remember where the Blandford route went! Too much red wine last night has affected the little grey cell.
  • I thought the route sounded familiar-it would do 'cause I've done the Wimborne one!

    Good luck on your run!
  • Maks Friend. Best of luck with your Long Run. I assume it's the West Highland Way that you're doing. It's a minor ambition of mine to one day enter the West Highland Way race (36 Hours to comeplete the 95 Miles).

    You may have seen the website before but if not:

    Oh and Hilly. What do you mean April as early season? I'm doing my first ever Spirt Tri at the end of next month.

  • PPB-this is Dorset, we're obviously behind the rest of the country! :O)

    A bit cold for tri though in Jan, don't you think?!
  • PPB - Yes West Highland way. Flying from Bournemouth to Prestwick, then train to Milngavie. Gentle jog for three days and train back from FtWilliam. Sound a doddle put like that!

    Seen most of the web pages, and read somebodies write up of their attempt to do the WHW race. Now thats truely awesome!

    Bought the plane tickets already (£40 return :)
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