Hope my pc is fast enough to beat you lot to it....


  • yes yes yes!!
  • I'm supposed to be looking for a job....
  • You can have mine. I'd rather be on a beach
  • You're on....what do you do?
  • I'm supposed to be a programmer but spend most of my time solving data queries and they all seem to be urgent. Today has been a pain.
  • I'm not really a techie.....sorry! I used to work with data queries though until I ended up in the CRM world....
  • Don't apologise, nothing clever about my job. What area are you looking in?
  • That's odd, I'd rather be on a beach too. a beach in India to be precise..
  • hi BK, sorry you're having a day like me!
    Only I get five of 'em a week.
  • Good luck with the job search Fany , got to go back to the treadmill.

    Beach beckons!
  • LDB - me too, I booked my flight to Mumbai on Tuesday!

    BK - consulting, business analysis, CRM, training - would love to get into training but I don't appear to have the right experience judging by the job ads on the web. I'm thinking of doing a TEFL course as well - did languages at Uni and haven't really used them.....or perhaps going into teaching.... I was a consultant before getting the boot last week! Who do you work for? Any jobs going? (Network, network...)
  • Teaching??? are you sure?
  • Primary, not teenagers....

    My husband thinks I'm mad as well
  • If you need info on Primary, email me.

  • Can someone please explain what all this "14000" thing is and why you're all excited? I think I'm missing something somewhere???
  • the 14000th posting on our little forum.

  • How do you know? Where am I meant to be looking?
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I'm jealous but surely 15k is more of a landmark. However, by the time we get there some of us will surely have lost our jobs & have to go job hunting like Fany.
  • Thanks Barkles - have done....hope to hear from you soon, I'm off out for a quick run but will log on later this afternoon - thanks again!
  • Yes butt how do you know?
  • At our current rate of progress and tomorrow (or is that today) being Friday, always a hot day for posts, 15k will be passed tomorrow.

    Mr A & Mij - on the main Forum page, the last column shows the total number of messages on each forum. Why do we get so excited about it? Cos we're very sad, competetive people!
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