Thinking of joining a club

I've been running by myself for a couple of years now and am thinking of joining a club. I'm unsure about which ones are available in the nearby area - of Dewsbury/Batley/Cleckheaton. I'd welcome any feedback about local clubs. Any comments about their friendliness in accepting 'plodding' newcomers or what the clubs' expectations of members are, would be gratefully received.

Many thanks


  • moi aussie mais un petit plus nearer Huddersfield?
  • Darren, Spenborough is a good club based at the athletics track at Cleckheaton. Don'tknow about the 'friendliness' factor but they are represented by a wide range of runners in local events and they have good facilities.
    Alan, I've just joined Longwood Harriers, based at the Leeds Rd playing fields in Huddersfield - I've put a thread about clubs on the training section. I used to run with Holme Valley Squash & AC based in Honley and I can vouch for their friendliness. Also based in Huddersfield are Huddersfield Road Runners, based at the Rugby Club and fitness centre at Lockwood, Huddersfield. Let me know if you want any further details.
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