run problem


I am training for a triathlon that is taking place in a couple of months, my background is in cycling, and I don't have any trouble with the swim at all, but when I try and run I can manage about a quarter of a mile before I need to stop and rest, any ideas? or is running fitness entirely separate from cycling and swim fitness? Should I expect running to be so hard when I have been cycling in road races for years? Any suggestions would be appreciated


  • Jason,
    yes, its completely different leg muscles... try running slower and working on time and build it slowly...
  • build up gradually

    running fitness is different (when i first got into tris i hadnt swam for ten years, and then only breast stroke and back stroke... i couldn't crawl ten metres when i first started tri training - why should running be any different?)
  • yup its different for sure - I can run pretty well and pretty far but swimming knackers me very quickly, as does cycling up steep hills.

    gotta build up your running with a decent running training plan which runs alongside your swimming and cycling Id say.
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