Music to turbo train by

Any ideas?

Something to keep me going at around 100rpm+?

Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Motorhead don't work, so it might need to be dance music ... but what...?


  • Go old school, Republica or maybe Sunscreem seems to work for me; but then I just hit 30 so I suppose it will be Chris DeBurgh or Smokie soon! :-)
  • Hmmm - I have plenty of music that's good for slow climbs - 140bpm so thats 70rpm.

    Don't think I have any stuff that's 200bpm. though - very fast ! But I'll look tonight.
  • Ramones?!
    nice bit of thrash metal?
  • Already recommended it for interval sessions. Live version of "Breaking the law" by Judas Priest. Great guitar riff opening :)
  • I knormally watch an easy to watch DVD for long sessions -like Shrek
  • Hardhouse or if I'm feeling mellow - Trance
  • I just stick MTV on and I'm happy.
  • Shrek is a classic - I used to watch it several times a day, at the time I thought this was too much, but now I watch a something Thomas the Tank Engine film several times a day and long for the days when I had to watch Shrek.
  • Should have recorded parts of the Tour De France (Alpe d'Huez stage) with live commentary.
  • If you want any good dance music MP3's Lizzy drop me an email to

    I would suggest something dancy, maybe not real hardcore as can bit a bit perpetual (unless your cycling on Extasy). Perhaps some Euphoric house music, very uplifting.

    e.g. some good compilations and tunes out 2000-2002 like Matt Darey - Pure Euphoria I&II, Paul Oakenfold - Live In Ibiza, Matt Darey - Ibiza Euphoria.

    I love tunes like Delerium, Warrior, Lonliness, Storm, Bullet & A Gun, Offshore, Rapture, etc etc - the list is endless.

    Oh and good complitations by DJ Tiesto (though he has his off moments).
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Thanks for your suggestions.

    i like the sound of the Ramones, didn´t think of them, I have a CD somewhere, although most of my Ramones collection is on vinyl and in storage in the UK.

    I was also thinking the first Chemical Brothers CD would be good.

    Carl - Thanks! You have mail! (although I know there´s sometimes a problem with Hotmail addresses and my service provider (AOL) so we´ll see what happens.

    Cos I´m really old (although if the 1969 in your email address is your date of birth then I´m not that much older than you) I know nothing about dance music, so thanks for your suggestions. Time to go shopping...!
  • Yes I was born in the good ole 60's - just.

    I havnt access to my home email account, but if its a hotmail address and you dont have the annual subscription (email size limit) I wont be able to send you any files as they'll blow your email limit (Hotmail is 1 Megabyte), an MP3 single is anything from 3 - 7 Megabytes, a double album can be over 100Mb.

    I'll try a small file later just to test but dont be suprised if you dont get it.

    Good luck with your shopping.
  • dance/house music, not sure why it's so good to listen too though, hear it down the gym, in the spinning class, through the PA at triathlon events etc etc.
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