Last minute training panic

Hi guys. I`ve just gone back to running after 8 months of a bad back.I was never that good anyway.(PB at 10k 60mins) Anyway I have just entered the brighton 10k..very 5 weeks time. Should I try to train faster on the flat or should I work slower, shorter distances on the awful hills I have around here.. or does it not really make much difference wlth so little time to go? Really hoped I would break the hour this year but don`t know if I can now.


  • If you have only just come back from injury i would do the easier option and don't be tempted to over do it.Its your first race back and so you don't want to be injured straight after it! Always look at the big picture do you want one good race (brighton 10k) or do you want to carry on running.
    The other thing i do is sit down and really think about it and deep down you probably allready know the answere.
    So good luck and i hope to see you there.
  • I suppose that means I should work on the flat. Trouble is there IS no flat round here. I just wondered if slower on the hills would build up my stamina again more quickly. I`ve sort of forgotten how I did it the first time, I just seemed to jog gradually faster back then.
  • Hi snails'pace, any result is an achievement, dont rush your training, try to build up the distance slightly in the next 4 weeks each week rather than going for speed. As you have said it will be flat on race day, so if you are used to running on hills now it will be a breeze for you on race day in comparison.

    Best wishes, NN
  • Hello Sp, I think 60 min is excellent, still dreaming of that! Don't knock it! Don't overdo this one and you stand more chance of staying fit and improving later, a sub 60 won't do you much good if you end up injured, but I 'spect you don't really need me telling that! Good luck all!
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