Seeking Kevin Best

I am trying to trace Kevin Best, who won the Freckleton Half Marathon in 1977.

He later joined the Fire Service and has competed at international level.

The Freckleton Half Marathon is 40 years old this year and Kevin is the final previous winner that i have been unable to trace.

If you are Kevin, or you know him, please get in touch so that I can invite you/him back to the 40th event.


  • Nothing to add to my last message but by posting a response myself I've discovered that the forum moves up the list

    Do you know Kevin Best?
  • This might be 8 years late but...There is a runner who competes in the Bushy Park Time trial and does a very respectble 18 1/2 mins for the 5kand is in the 60-64 age group which sounds about right. You would be able to get hold of him as he is a member of the Stragglers running club

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