Monsterman 2

Anyone else coming out to play this Saturday then?


  • SW - I'll be there, although MM1 near killed me, and this one has a longer cycle and hills on the run-route!
  • The bike route is 16M then is it? Gulp.

    I was so tired in the last mile of MM1 I felt like I was about to pass out, so if you pass a body by the side of the trail it's probably me...
  • SW - how did you get on in MM1?

    I was 29th in 2:07:01, with splits of

    Run1: 25:27:00
    Cycle: 1:12:58
    Run2: 28:36:00

    Finish: 2:07:01

    Don't think I'll be passing anybody with those times!
  • 2:01:42 overall:

    Run1: 25:55
    Cycle: 1:07:58
    Run2: 27:49

    Was astounded as ever by the speed of the quickest guys, one of whom lapped me before I was even halfway through the biking.

    Really liked the bike course though, hope this one is just as good...
  • What's this one then ?
  • Cross-country duathlon. Or have you officially hung up your mountain biking boots???
  • SW - Didn't you do hairlegs last year also?
  • Ooh. I miss my MTB. Would I knack my fixed wheel road bike doing it ? And where is it ?
  • Yep did the HL challenge last year. Can't find anything about one this year though.

    Cougie - someone did MM1 on a 'cross bike. Rather them than me though. Oh, and it's near Bordon in deepest Hampshire.
  • Oh pah. Bit too far to go. Good luck though - sounds great !
  • SW - Don't panic, I'm sure HL will be on... they only launched the website in around march last year, so I'm still fully expecting to be on for this.

    I saw that guy on the cross bike also... do you know how he got on? I would have thought there was far too much technical stuff for him to have lasted the distance. (Now you're going to depress me and tell me he finished in the top 10!).
  • Good luck, Skinny,
    Unfortunately I'm working this Saturday, but it sounds great!
  • I don't know how he got on, but apparently the organiser has ridden the MM2 course on a 'cross bike. So either it's easier, or he's damn good....
  • grrrrrrrrr.... you just know it's not going to be easier!

    Tep - MM3 is on saturday 7 Feb... so there's advance warning for you - we'll expect to see you there.
  • Skinny Whippet - have you got the message about the change of access gate to the site for tomorrow? I just got an email from the organisers about 1/2 an hour ago.

  • Thanks Rocks, I've got it now, but wouldn't have looked if you hadn't told me!


  • Thanks Rocks, but no can do that date either...
  • I can't make MM3 either but keep your eyes peeled for the "Hairy Legs Challenge" Tep!
  • Well I have never, ever, EVER been so knackered!!! I had no idea it would be so much harder than MM1... I still enjoyed the biking, but completely ran out of steam toward the end of the second "run", eventually finishing in about 3:23 and only narrowly avoiding a spectacular chunder at the finish line.

    Hairy Legs Challenge should be a breeze after this!
  • SW - I bow to you, and hang my head in shame!!!

    The first time I have EVER not finished an event....

    Got everything wrong... didn't bring any drinks/energy bars/fuel of any sort with me, and when start was delayed, followed the herd and did a 'recce lap' of the cycle course, expecting a 30 min. warm-up. Took an hour, and used up far too much energy.

    Completed run1 in about 43 mins, and finished the cycle in about 1hr 56min, giving me a combined time to that point of about 2hrs 39. Alas, I threw my towel in then as I as a) completely exhausted, b) running horrendously late for parental duties back home and c) delaying my buddy who had pulled out after lap 2 of the cycle and also had to get home to look after his kids.

    ok, b) and c) are probably excuses, and a) is the real reason I stopped, but, bl##dy hell, as a novice at this kind of thing (Hairy Legs and MM1 are the only mtb duathlons I have done previously), is this the kind of standard I should expect for the future?
  • I think you've hit the nail on the head there rocks, I didn't really have enough food/drink for that length of time, had I known it would take so long I would have taken far more. As it was I finished very dehydrated and totally out of fuel, and still feel out of sorts today.

    I noticed one competitor had what appeared to be a cream bun sellotaped to their handlebars, presumably as an emergency snack. Seemed strange at the time but I could have done with something similar myself...

    Oh, and surely that run was quite a bit over 4 miles?!
  • Abso-bl##dy-lutely! I may be slow, and it might have been hilly, but I do not take 43 minutes to cover 4 miles!

  • Glad it wasn't just me then :)

    Will be interesting to see the results - I think even the winner took about 2:30 as he was finishing just as I started my 2nd run. The tailenders could still be out there...
  • Yep... it was the winner (Andy Blow) who had the snack attached to his handlebars... don't feel too bad about losing out to him - he only managed 33rd in the 2000 world championships!
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