Bike Gear.

Sorry to go on, I guess your sick to death with my questions about bike stuff.

Well to celebrate giving up smoking im throwing the boat out and intend to buy the following bike kit on Saturday (im not rick put im treating myself and getting a loan out).

If there is anything missing / not appropriate or you can recommend alternatives etc I would appreciate it.

Bike - Cannondale R1000 (High Perf Road) - £1499
Tri Bars - Profile Jammer GT (short try - not severe aero) - £56.99
Helmet - Giro Eclipse - £69.98
Pedals - Shimano Ultegra SPD SL - £69.98
Front Light - Cateye HL RC220 £39.95
Back Light/s - 2x Cateye Rear LED (1 to flash, 1 non flash)
Shoes - Shimano TR01 or Carnac TRS 6C - £99.99
Gloves (winter) - £25.00 approx (estimated)
Cycling Shorts - £25.00 approx (estimated)
Cycling Trousers - £30.00 approx (estimated)
Long Sleeve Cycling Top - £40.00
Short Sleeve Cycling Top - £30.00
Cycling Jacket - £50.00
Spare Tubes x 5 - £15.00
Multitool - £25.00
Other Accessories? - £20.00 (e.g. drinks bottle)

As I said any suggestions comments appreciated, also alternative kit, things ive forgot or product suggestions where ive nothing specified.

I know some of you have commented on the Cannondale Frame being a bit stiff (ill have to see what other comments I get but Im hoping its not to bad as I really like the bike). Im just hoping it will be ok for me, though I am to use it for long rides (up to 100m ile training and Ironman).

Finally, many many thanks for all the help you guys (and girls) have given me its really appreciated.

PS. Sorry Lizzie Campag just dont press my buttons... (just a joke).

PPS. Here is the bike spec if for what its worth.

Forks - Slice Ultra Si
Rear Shock - N/A
Rims - Mavic Ksyrium Elite
Hubs - Mavic Ksyrium Elite
Spokes - Mavic Ksyrium Elite
Tires - Hutchinson Reflex, 700 x 23c Kevlar
Pedals - Not included
Crank - Shimano Ultegra double, 39/53
Chain - Shimano HG-73
Rear Cogs - SRAM PG-970, 12-26
Bottom Bracket - Shimano 105
Front Derailleur - Shimano Ultegra
Rear Derailleur - Shimano Ultegra
Shifters - Shimano Ultegra
Handlebars - Cannondale Oversized, 31.8mm
Stem - Cannondale 3D forged, Ultralight
Headset - FSA Alloy
Brakeset - Cannondale Omega
Brakelevers - Shimano Ultegra
Saddle - Fi'zi:k Poggio
Seat Post - Cannondale Competition


  • Wow !

    You certainly are going full bore at it !

    Looks like you've thought of most things.
    I take it you'll be using it in the evenings and hence the lights ?
    Tribars can take up a lot of space on the bars, so sometimes people attach the lights to the end of them, or you can get a little thingammyjig to give you more space below.

    Tesco do little LED's for about a fiver - I'd get two of those for the rear.

    Cycling trousers would be normally known as tights or longs - prob a bit more pricey than the £30, and some have padding in, others don't.

    Always get bib things, and not normal shorts that need braces to hold them up.

    You don't need 5 innertubes. Punctures (touch wood) are rare - so I normally only have 1 or 2 spares at any time.

    Pump for the bike is good, as is a track pump for home.

    Wouldn't get the shorts or short sleeve top just yet. Waiat until its warmer.
    Maybe get a saddle bag too for your tool kit and spare tube. That way your pockets are pretty empty. If you get a decent jacket - you can wear your thermals underneath that and so you don't need the LS biketops yet.

    Bandana or cap is good for your head under the helmet. I'd go for HEdy or a Buff though - more versatile - about a tenner.

    Overshoes might be good.

    Shoes look pricey - they can come a lot cheaper than that.

    Bottlecages ? Or are they on the bike ?

    Bike computer is always handy.

    If you are new to cycling (can't remember) - I'd not put the tri bars on straight away - you'll have to get used to the bike first.

    Gilets are good - but you might have a running one.

    Remember you get colder on the bike than when you run, so you have to put more layers - certainly on the top half anyway.

    Mitts or lobster mitts are warmer than normal gloves for winter.

    Jeez - have you added the Oakley Pro M Frames ? Yellow lens for winter and Iridium for sun ? ;-)

    Happy biking !!

  • Thanks Cougie, what an excellent and well thought out response.

    All your comments were very very useful, I will take head of all of them.

    Yes I am new to biking but have been doing a fair bit of research (helped alot by all on this forum). Am a bit worried about these clip-less shoes, a mate said he used to fall off when he started using them - I can just see this vision off falling off sideways at some traffic lights or something.

    Yes forgot about the glasses, not worring about flies yet but guess they will keep out dust and crap. There are quite a few things you mentioned I think I'll need, computer will be usefull.

    Geeze ive got to try and economise somewhere - my pockets arnt bottomless, trouble is I just love the look of the Cannondale 1000. Guess all the cost will be worth it in the end though and it will help me drag myself out on those winter nights.

    PS. I see your up late too, I cant sleep... Have work in 5 hours lol.
  • lots of nice choices there, but have you actually ridden the cannondale? Its a really nice bike, ( I used to have one, a 2001 model) but it is very stiff indeed, which makes for a very harsh ride, in the end I could not live with it. I would suggest Quintana Roo - my current ride or a Giant TCR Aero - which my mate rides and when I have ridden it its been really comfortable - comes in at about 1300 so would save you a few pennies also. Good luck whatever you choose. Oh you might want to think about a Turbo Trainer - for when it is just too cold or wet to go outside on a shiny new bike.
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