Have I made a mistake?

For the last 6 months or so I have ran in Asics 2070's.

I got on with them well, but felt I could do with a little more cushioning. I went into Northern Runner the day before the GNR, and tried 5 different shoes on.

There were two Saucony brands, the Brooks Beast, the Asics 2070, and the Asics Koji.

I wanted the Beast but they didn't have them in my size, so I bought the Koji which felt equally as comfortable.

However, I went for a run in them yesterday and was not impressed at all. It was my first run after the GNR (which was my first half), and my legs felt dead and heavy.

The shoes felt as though I was running with two planks of wood strapped to my feet.No power from them at all, and extremely stiff.

Now, obviously the issue is that I don't know how much of this is the fault of the shoe, and how much is the fault of the after effects of the GNR.

I expected the motion control shoes to feel different, but this is just horrible.

I'll give them two weeks (6-8 runs) and see how I get on. If no better, then I'll buy a new pair of 2070's.

They are noticably heavier (almost twice the weight) of my old shoe, so that'll take some getting use to as well.

Comments please :)


  • Sorry, I forgot to mention that I overpronate, even wearing the 2070's - according to the saleman at Northern Runner.
  • John, the salesman at Northern Runner told me I overpronated badly and sold me NB854s, severe pronation shoes, I had all sorts of problems with them.
    I then went to Start Fitness and he says I only overpronate slighty in one foot only, so I got a pair of Nike Air Span Triax, mild pronation shoes, all the problems I had have now gone.
    So I would maybee get a second opinion from another shop, it worked for me.
    Good luck.

  • Thanks mate - I realsie that I should have stayed with the 2070's now - just bought a new pair instead of these.

    £85 is a lot of cash to lose though :(
  • Know what you mean I just wear my 854s for just general use, not running, still you live and learn......
  • Hi Fellas

    Northern Runner told me that I over-pronate too. They sold me a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS.

    I now have plantar fasciitis and my GP referred me to a podiatrist. He confirmed that I also have plantar calcaneal bursitis, which is nice!

    He also told me that I do not over-pronate at all, in fact I have perfectly neutral feet.

    Northern Runner came very highly recommended, and now I feel totally conned and more than a bit p****d off that I can't get out running!

    Very interesting to hear that other people have been badly advised...I feel a letter of complaint coming on.
  • John, get back onto Northern Runner and complain and if they are worth their salt they'll give you a refund. Many of us have this problem but when they obviously recommend inappropriate shoes then I'm sorry you should not be losing £80 or so quid. If they are unhelpful tell them that you have a couple of thousand friends on this site who would be happy to boycote them for very, very poor customer service!

    Good luck
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