laser eye surgery

Any runners had this done? Did it impact on your running? Did your running impact on the healing? Considering it and would appreciate any experiences or comments.


  • I had laser eye surgery about 4 years ago. The initial experience is quite painful and irritating for about a week but after that it was brilliant. No need for the glasses or contact lenses. I had previously been running outside and lost contact lenses and whilst running, not quite being able to see things I felt quite vunerable and was probably all over the place!
    I recommend the surgery, its like I have never worn contacts!
    Hope this helps. If there is anything more specific that you would like to know. I would be happy to answer any questions
  • very good no problens so far - 6 yrs - my eyes hurt in the mornings sometimes and I do sometimes wopner if I'm going to go blind one day but so far very positive about it

    now I'm having my teeth whitened and straightened - oh gawd!!
  • There was a thread on this by Josie Jump a while ago - but without the search facility I don't know where it is! If anyone could dig it out though it'll be great for info on this.
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  • Did anyone have both eyes done in one go?
  • I had both eyes in one go. Only needed two days of work.

    I had it done 18 months ago and still haven't got over the wonder of waking up and being able to see. Running and swimming are so much more pleasurable. It also stops you going in the wrong changing rooms (there's a down side to everything.)
  • But how much and how reliable , I only have one pair of eyes !
  • It is now standard practise to have both eyes done.
  • I had both eyes done at once 2.5 years ago. Eyes a pit painful that evening but I was out cutting the grass the following afternoon. I was running a few days afterwards. Can't swim for a month or so afterwards.
  • I'm getting mine done on 6th October... Its a Thursday. What are the chances of me being able to play hockey on the Saturday? I'm not really short sighted (-2.00 in each eye) so am going to play and train the week before without lenses, as you're not allowed to wear them for a week before, but would they know if I put them in for 70 minutes (and took them straight out again afterwards) on the Saturday before the Thursday consultation/surgery?

  • Had mine done 18mths ago... both eyes,( was -3.00 and -2.75) bit uncomfortable first evening, felt like having hay fever!
    Improvement in sight was immediate, didn't run for two weeks after, for my own peace of mind! (Didn't want to get sweat in eyes or inadvertantly rub them)
    My first run in the rain was pure bliss.... LOL
    I think it took me about a year to get used to not wearing glasses (ie, pushing them up my nose, reaching for them in the morning etc etc!)

    HG Yes they will, apparently lens change the shape of your eye, so presumably that would mean that the careful calculations that are done with regard to how much cornea is lasered would then be wrong. Personally i wouldn't of thought it was worth the risk.
  • My wifes -7.5 glasses are making England sink into the sea. Can you get this treatment for such severe short sightedness? Be interested to hear.

    My no5 prisms make me look like one of those people with a permanent grin. And a railway book. But it's better than the surgery option.
  • Dustboy, I was -11 in both eyes so wasn't able to have laser surgery. Instead I had implanted contact lenses fitted. They sit between the iris and the cornea and are effectively permanent.
  • Thanks Tiggers bouncing - I'll probably play the week before, without lenses! and then leave it the following week. It will have had 9 days to heal then, so should be ok...

    I'm a bit nervous, but I've seen good feedback about it, and can't wear lenses for long anyway, so don't run in them. It makes me feel a bit vunerable when out at dusk being a bit shortsighted!
  • HG You won't regret it.... I just wish that I had plucked up the courage years ago to have it done!

    Dustboy... I had mine done by Boots, their cut off prescription was -9.0 ... One of the Opthamologists (sp) there told me that they had a patient in for screening that was -22! They were unable to help him/her but referred them to Moorfields, presumably for some other treatment.
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