URWFRC KIT BULLETIN (No. 1 : 10/10/02)

We are fast approaching the minimum order numbers for both the vestops and the normal vests, but we still need a few more. So if you want to order one, I suggest you do so now and get the cheque off to me asap. Click Here for the website.

We have also decided to withdraw the option of Featherweight vestops, for the time being at least. We have only had one order for one of these so far and as they have to be treated as an order in their own right, it looked like it might take ages to reach the minimum order.
This means that the vestops are now only available in Standardweight, still in long and short sleeves. We may revisit the situation with Featherweight vestops sometime in the future and reassess demand.

To clarify order dates and so everyone knows where they stand, we have introduced a closing date for ordering vests and vestops for this batch. This is going to be THURSDAY 24TH OCTOBER 2002. If you want to order a vest or vestop for this batch, then it must be done on the website by this date as I will be instructing the suppliers on the 25th. Otherwise it will have to wait until the next order. The corresponding cheques must be with me by THURSDAY 31ST OCTOBER 2002, otherwise your order will be disregarded for this batch. I'm afraid there can be no exceptions to this rule.

What you all want to know! Wasp have 'estimated' that they 'might' be able to have the kit back to me in three weeks. Note the words 'estimated' and 'might' - it is certainly NOT guaranteed and it may take four weeks. This means that based on me ordering on 25th October, we 'might' get them back for 15th November, which means I 'might' get them to you on Saturday 16th November. I hear cries of joy from the Brighton area! I will keep you updated on this, but please remember that it is a long shot and myself and Wasp offer absolutely NO promises!

There are a number of orders on the system at the moment for which I am still awaiting payment for. If you are one of these people, please can you get your cheque to me straight away? It's easy to forget after you've ordered and then I end up having to chase people
just before we need to order, which delays things.

T-shirts are still available as well and if we have reached the minimum order by 24th October, we will place an order for these as well. However, we have only two outstanding orders for these currently, so still need another ten to reach the minimum.

Do you always leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute?
Is your partner destined to receive a tin of travel sweets and a bottle of screen wash from your local Total garage (the only place open at 6pm on Christmas Eve) for the 17th year running?
This year, why not treat your loved one, or maybe even your husband or wife, to something they've always wanted (even if they've never known it)?
A piece of kit from URWFRC makes a sumptuous gift for any of your friends or family!
Perhaps a fashionable vestop, widely believed to be this winter's sexiest running item!?
Why not treat yourself and your friends and family to a URWFRC T-shirt to show off at the Christmas dinner table!?
Or perhaps buy them a vest, to ease those winter blues and stimulate thoughts of Spring and Summer racing in the new year!?
So don't delay, Click Here and get your order in now!!!

The Dog Walker (Kit Sec)
10 October 2002


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