How the piggin' 'ell do you join the BTA

I've been to the site which has NO details on how to join the BTA which I reckon is a slight oversight.
Anyone got any recommendations?



  • I filled a form in from 220
  • Address:
    British Triathlon Association
    PO Box 25
    Leicestershire LE11 3WX.

    Telephone: 01509 226161
    email: information@british

    I seem to remember the year runs from 1st April- 31st March regardless of when you join, so maybe it might be worth waiting till spring- but on the other hand all your race entries have to be in early in the year to guarantee places, so it is a bit of a pain joining then paying for the next year again so soon.
  • thought it was just me not being able to find the link to join on the web.
    Its' a rather big omission then!
  • I've had an email from the BTA with an attached membersip form through to March 2005, but they want £50 !!!! As I'm not racing til May should I wait until after April because "remember the year runs from 1st April- 31st March regardless " and it'll hopefully be cheaper. What's the normal cost?

  • I have a feeling it is around 30 pounds, I have a very short memory. The trouble is you have to enter races so far in advance sometimes, so providing you are only entering the races after April 1st (when you have to give your BTA number on the forms) you may as well wait.

    At Bala last year I had just joined and was able to claim a refund of the difference in entry fee on the day- don't know if this would be common practice though, they were very nice.
  • i got a deal - join in jan for price of april join
  • how much was it WW
  • cant remember i just payed

    Im not rich - just carp with money

  • also do i get any benefits from joining (other than slightly cheaper races)
  • a car sticker
  • an occatonal magazine
  • and the knowledge that you a part of the TRI comunity
  • Flippin' 'eck!! It's gone up to £50 for membership, for which you get....
    Your Membership Gives You:
    · Reduced entry fees at all BTA sanctioned events
    · Copy of BTA Handbook which includes event calender
    · Bi-monthly copies of BTA’s magazine, Tri-News
    · Civil liability insurance in both training and competition*
    · Discounts on bike and travel insurance*
    · Eligibility for selection for national squads and teams*
    · Eligibilty to compete in National Champs. And National Ranking Series*
    · Free car sticker for all new members
    · Wide range of special offers and discounts exclusive to members
    · Advise and information on triathlon training, competition, etc.
    · Access to members only section on BTA website.

  • on the membership form it says Club Members.... if I joined Coventry Triathletes could I get the cheaper £35 membership, yeh it's £20 to join Coventry so it's £55 not £50 but I'd get more for my money.
  • As the cost is so high it only seems to make sence to join if you are planning to enter lots of races during the season. Most races are £3 less if your in the BTA, so unless your going to enter more then 10 races this year I figure it's not worth the money for a car sticker and handbook. Maybe I'm just being tight, but the money could be better used on kit or races or my favourite charity.....ME.
  • You do get insurance with it though, which is good if you aren't already covered.

    (but a bike club would be cheaper)
  • I phoned the number in Monique's post, spoke to 'a very nice man' who siad he'd email me with the details. That was a week ago and im still waiting...

    "Eligibility for selection for national squads and teams" - dont think ill need that for a while (unless there is a team for fat gits).
  • quite a few of the races seem to be £26 non-BTA or £20 for BTA.
  • sounds like on the number of tri's i do in a year (probably 5 max?) its not going to be worth it.
  • Yeah M.
    I can't decide. I've just posted re: wheels and not sure if I'd be better off saving the BTA / Coventry Triathletes money and putting it towards the wheels.
  • Decided to not get the wheels and have joined the BTA instead, it's almost self financing as should save me £20-£30 off the various entry fees. Doubt that I'll join Coventry Tri, as I just do Tri's for fun and don't take them too seriously.

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