SVP100 date announced for 2015

The date for SVP100 2015 has been announced as August the 15th and if you are looking for a summer ultra that shows off the best East Anglia has to offer, look no further than this great 100km race.  Stunning scenery, superbly organised, great food stations, awesome people and a nice bit of bling and T shirt awaits.  The website link is here and having run it last year if you have any questions I will be happy to help if I can.  If I can't the race director is a really nice guy and you can get him through the website  



  • Thanks John!

    SVP100 features on the list of best value ultra marathons in the UK: 

    There are write ups about the race (and many other races) in this months Ultra Tales, for those who wish to read more: 

  • You have surprised me...from my one visit to easy anglia many many years ago I thought that east anglia was flat and boring....


     funny how impressions can last a long time...stunning scenery  sounds good...image

  • It must be stunning seren, John created an account today especially to tell us entries were open image

  • i stand by it and you won't be disappointed.  check out their Facebook page for feedback on last year if you don't trust me GKD and why would you as it's so easy to be a cynic these days.  i'm not involved with the race in any way other than that i ran it last year and am in again this year to settle a score with my stomach.  just merely spreading some ultra love image

  • Matthew seems like a decent chap who organises a good race which he is keen to promote, but he skirts very close to annoying sometimes in doing so.   Posting on the race FB page asking for a volunteer to open this thread is one example of that.  I'm sure its a great race - I'd like to do it - but I do get weary of the promotion.

  • I can't believe what I'm reading.  Do you have to work at being so negative or does it come naturally?  I now remember why I never post on here.  I was merely doing the race and a very good man a favour.  So sorry you are weary Peronel, that must play havoc with your running.  

  • Cynical but not far wrong was I John. And the reason I'm cynical was because we went through this repeatedly last year on every social media platform I use.
    I mentioned it last year and no doubt it'll rear its head again. Ultra runners, myself aside, are generally pretty chilled out people but when you repeatedly have a race fake promoted as this was it tends to get on peoples tits.
    Peronel may actually be the nicest person in the world, I've never heard her say a bad word against anyone so for her to say she's almost pissed off is quite surprising.

  • personally I  would rather have a race director post and make it clear that they are the director.........

    or a recommendation from someone who uses the site and has done the race...


    I was looking on that website.... but after your response above I am very very wary of anything you recommend or have connections with...image

  • What GKD said.  We've been through this before.  Lots.  Matthew's been called on it before.  Repeatedly. 

    For what it's worth, everything I've heard about the SVP100 is good.  Every interaction I've had with Matthew has been courteous, friendly and professional.  I would - and have - recommended his race to others.

    But his approach to race promotion really gets on my tits. 

  • Well my offer to do it was genuine.  I live out near the course and run parts of it regularly.  Then last year I ran the whole thing in the race.  I wasn't aware I was doing anything wrong as it was the best race I entered last year and I am genuinely happy to share that fact.  

    So this isn't a fake promotion at all.  I'm very pleased to have run it, I'm running it again this year (see me on the who has entered page on the website) and I'm nothing to do with the organisation of the event.  So you're both wrong.

    As an ultra runner myself I'd say I'm very chilled out.  So much so that I'd never have bothered responding to a thread the way you or your friend have.  I've met Matthew a number of times (SVP100 Race Director) and he is genuinely a very nice guy.  I'm sure you and Peronel are very nice people too.

    So there's my 2p.  Genuine race, genuine comment.

  • Absolutely a spontaneous post, not instigated by the RD at all. 

    Ohh, wait...

    • Matthew Hearne If anyone uses the Runner's World website, would it be possible to set up a new discussion thread on the Forum for the 2015 race? As race director, I'm not allowed to start a thread for my own race Many thanks in advance, and it should go under the 'ultra / adventure racing' topic
    • John Reynolds what would you like it to say to kick it off Matthew? 4 hrs · Like · 1
    • Matthew Hearne Thanks John. Just something along the lines of the date being announced for 2015 (Aug. 15th), a link to the website, and whether you enjoyed it and recommend it Many thanks in advance, much appreciated! 4 hrs · Like
    • John Reynolds done    


    FWIW, I also don't think you've done anything wrong.  I still take issue with Matthew's approach to race promotion, but that's his doing and not yours.

  • I'm not denying that Peronel and it was you and your gang that used the word spontaneous not me.    As I said before, my feelings about this race are genuine and that is why I was/am happy to do help.  I have actually run it but that doesn't seem to count for anything with you people.

    I don't know your history with Matthew but I do feel you've got him wrong.  That said you're all entitled to your opinions and I respect that fact.  I hope you respect mine but after my experience on here this evening fully expect that it doesn't work like that.

  • John... great to see that this posting was totally independent of the race director and off your own back...image

  • if Matthew was a big commercial race director, critics might have a point..but he's not...the race is a small operation which relies very heavily on matthew's willingness to put in an insane amount of time to promote running in a part of the country he loves...telling people about it on Runner's World or other forums strikes me as an entirely reasonable fact, he's doing a favour to people who haven't done the SVP yet.

  • FFS. Get over yourselves. Matt did ask if one of us could start a thread, so what? He's passionate about his race and as a newbie ultra runner this year I was so impressed by his commitment. John was doing a nice thing, and I know that's like John as he's been really supportive to me as a fellow runner since SVP, even though we've never even met!

    OK, Matthew was being proactive. He's not ripping anyone off, and he's not peddling an event that's blatantly a profit machine. His event is fantastically organised, staffed by passionate volunteers and really cheap compared to the big marketing machines. Considering the budgets they have to advertise, no wonder Matthew uses whatever opportunities he has to promote his small, but really well organised race.

    Your vitriol is quite ugly. I fully expect you to turn it on me for defending John and Matthew, but guess what. I don't care.

    Your energy would be better spent supporting small independent races, not bad mouthing them.
  • Perhaps I qualify then, I have posted on the forum before all be it not on a regular basis, I have run the event (well nearly I DNF'd at 50 Miles)

    The scenery is stunning, it is well organised race, aid stations etc., are excellent and it offers great value for money.


    Great race, if ultras are your thing give this one a try, I will be back for another go in 2015 !

  • My main objective is to put on a great race that people will enjoy and remember. I regularly review this forum (and various other forums) throughout the year to obtain feedback about the course and the race itself (please see previous threads), so that we can continually set high standards and improve the experience for everyone involved.

    Please note that John was a competitor last year and is in no way involved with the organisation of the race.

    I very much appreciate all constructive feedback from fellow passionate runners on this forum.

  • I'll wade in here. I've not done the race, don't know Matt, but it's on my list and has a great reputation and this sport needs more people like Matt who put on these quality races for the love of the sport, you will not retire from organising races..:. It's a very well organised race and very good value and we need more of these and the only way a lot of people find out about these is through forums so plug away. Some of the best ultras I've done (over 60 and counting) I've discovered through forums.... So let's all calm down and encourage events.

    Matt - I hope to be there next year subject to my other race commitments
  • I use this site (albeit not as frequently as I used to) and I ran this as my one and only (successful if slow at 13.5 hrs) attempt at a 100k event. I wholeheartedly agree with Russ55. This race is fantastic.... gorgeous scenery (particularly in the 2nd half of the race), fantastic aid stations and just generally a really well organised, great value for money, race. i was so impressed I've volunteered to help out next year even though I live about an hour and a halfs drive away image

  • I've now been blocked from the relevant thread on facebook.  I get notifications that I'm tagged in comments, but I'm not able to read them.  Says it all.  Bloody hilarious.  And such a shame, when everything I've heard - and said - about the race itself is good.

    C'est la vie.  Moving on.

  • Yup. You are right Peronel. It says all you need to know about how the multiple, positive, genuine people on that forum feel about your spiteful , unwarranted comments.

    Have a nice life.
  • Oh dear. Everyone just calm down... I don't think Peronel is actually being spiteful, but perhaps getting unduly involved. Perhaps it's best to leave any FB activity out of this thread, considering it's a different forum with very different technology. I mean, I even block people from writing on my birthday party invitation wall, so it doesn't really mean much.

    Still, I think so far everyone has handled the mutual criticism quite well, could be worse!



    In my opinion this is a forum page where like minded people come to share ideas, ask questions, look for advice and give advice.

    If a race organiser can't start a page then what options does he have but to ask someone to do it for him. Given all the sh*t going on in the world right now hardly the crime of the century is it!  

    I can't wait for August next year so that I can earn a green SVP100 T-shirt. As a volunteer this year I can testify to how well this event is organised and run. The country side it goes through is amazing and the scenery is superb.

  • If the runner who yelled, "Fuck you bitch" at me on the SVP about two hours ago is reading this, then thanks for pushing me into the fastest sprint I've managed for years.

    I'm sure you'll be pleased to know you scared and upset me.  Congratulations.  I hope you're proud of yourself.

    For what it's worth, I'm 100% certain Matthew had nothing to do with this; it would be utterly out of character from what I've seen of him.  But I'm out of this thread.  The point when some bloke six inches taller than me shouts in my face is the point I lose interest in the discussion.

  • Peronel, your settings have not been modified on the Facebook page. I've been busy running (and winning) a marathon today, so I've certainly not had time to administer the community page. I value your opinions, so I would never block a member unless they were abusive or trying to promote non-ultra related products / services. 

    Having taken a read through, I can't see any abusive messages on the FB forum and I would certainly take action if this was the case. The only options available to me on the forum are to make you admin, or remove you from the forum. I've done neither.

  • Very weird.  I posted first thing this morning, got a notification you'd tagged me in a reply, went to look at it and, whilst I could see the rest of the SVP group and your opening post, I couldn't see any of the comments at all.  It's been like that all day.  And it's now fine again.  Bloody technology.

    Having said that, following the incident above out on the trail, I'm sure you can appreciate why I won't be returning to the thread.

    Congratulations on the marathon win.

  • Thanks Peronel and I'm sorry to hear you received abuse whilst out running today.

    I'm glad your computer is behaving again. FB can be a bit unpredictable at times.

    Definitely check out the Trailscape marathon for next year...great event and very friendly organisers. There were plenty of ultra runners taking part, and a couple of SVP100 finishers there too, given that it's a local event.

  • As RD, it was nice to see that the SVP100 was covered in the latest edition of Trail Running magazine, listed as one of its Top 3 Races over the distance of 50 miles+ 

    The race is now registered with UTMB for 2015, and confirmed as providing 2 points to all finishers.


    Went to buy trail running from WHSmith and they had sold out! image

  • That's the highly accurate article that has the LL100 as an intermediate difficulty race image 

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