Polar battery replacement

The battery in my Polar HRM (the watch part) has gone, after only about 4 months use.

I would get it replaced under warranty but (a) I can't find the warranty paperwork or my receipt, and (b) I really don't want to be without it for ages. Has anyone tried any other places to get it changed? Jewellers maybe? Any problems with the waterproof seal afterwards?




  • A jeweller c*cked up my HRM very nicely.
    I'd leave it to Polar. I think it's pretty quick.
  • I've just had my Polar HRM battery replaced-GBP 9.99 by Leisure Systems International (who do this on Polar's behalf). It took about a week. I've got the address at home if you want it, but I think it should be easier to find on the internet: http://www.bodycare.co.uk/. I rang tham to check the details/address. Regards, Mike (p.s. no connection to the company)
  • Did mine myself 3 days ago & worn it in the pool twice. Seems fine.
  • I found batteries in Boots for mine and did it myself .. not recommended by Polar, but I have done this several times now over the years with no problems. Jewlers often don't stock the right ones.
  • If you have one that is so called water proof to 30m take to a jewler that does diving watches - they do them under preasure ensuring a water tight seal

  • Well I mailed bodycare and they quoted £18 to do the battery on my S210. However having had another look at it today I'm not sure if it needs repairing rather than just a new battery. The last few times I was out with it the display kept going blank, particularly when putting the light on. The very last time, it went blank and lost the date, time, elapsed time etc. I thought the battery had gone flat and the watch had reset, but looking at it today it still has my last six sessions, my totals etc. Weird. I've found the proof of purchase though so will send it back as a warramty repair.

    Thanks all.

  • If the battery is going then it's quite reasonable to expect some functions to reset and memories still to work. Every part of the circuit will give up at a slightly different point
  • I replaced the battery on my Polar Coach no problem - just make sure the gasket is seated properly before putting the back on.
  • Sean, yeah, I do see what you mean.

    Anyway, the LSI people say it is the battery and it should be on it's way back to me now. Shame they couldn't cope with emailing the details out, would have saved a day and postage + paper but there you go.

  • Monkey, if the watch display disappears when you operate the light it certainly sounds like you need a replacement battery. The light places a large load on the available power supply causing the voltage across the circuitry to drop and hence loss of display.

    If you have the S210 a battery symbol should be displayed if the battery is low.
  • Hmm, not noticed a battery symbol but the watch is back now so I'll be trying it tomorrow.


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