Cushioned or Support

I am a 5'9" runner and weigh around 180 pounds. I have a high arch and would like to run a marathon. I have run several half marathons in under two hours. What type of shoe is best for larger runners, cushioned or support?



  • Hi Steven it depends on your running style.

    What are you currently running in?

    I am not too clued up but it seems a little strange: Cushioned shoes are good for people with high arches and do not pronate very much. Heavy runners tend to pronate a little more though (not neccessarily a bad thing.

    I do not think you are a particularly heavy runner.
    I am not far off your weight and I use stability shoes as they have good cushioning and durability. I have found since using these shoes I have had fewer injury problems.

    My current favourite is Asics 2070 which is great, I have no problems in it at all and is very adaptable.
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