circuit training

Hi All,
I currently go circuit training 2 to 3 times a week, I just wondered what sort of running I should be doing in between. I'm looking to improve my 10k times for the coming year, I usually do around four or five per year my best time is around 50 minutes. If training goes well I'm hoping to tackle the Humber Bridge half marathon next year.


  • long run at the weekend to improve stamina + speed sessions / hills. that should make you faster.

    what time are you aiming for?
  • thanks wyatt,
    what would be a good speed session to start with? i haven't done one before. I'm aiming to beat last years time of 50.10 in a 10k on new years day
  • i usually do a speed session on a treadmill every now and then. best to do it for between 20 and 40 minutes. i used to run 4 x 1000 metres at between 13 and 16 kilometres per hour. Now i prefer to run 400 metres at the top speed of the treadmill which is 16 kilometres per hour with one minute walk between each. Therefore itis not so painful as running 1000 metres each time.

    I also like running up hill for a couple of miles at a testing pace with a change of gradient every 400 metres. I think it will strengthen my legs and hopefully make me faster for the 10 mile races i have planned for this year and the 10k races for the new year.
  • thanks wyatt,
    i'm doing circuit sunday morning, going to give the 400's a try some time next week. would running a slow 400m after the faster one be too much of a rest?
  • i don't think that would be too much of a rest, as long as you're putting in a sustained effort. bye
  • thanks for the advice. cheers
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