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    alanj  Thanks for dropping in again, and bringing us up-to-date with your situation.  Great that your arm is on the mend, and excited for your prospects after next week's ablation. Yes, please do keep us informed as you get back on the road after your procedure.

    As I said in yesterday's post, I'm really happy to be back to normal. Any gap between previous and current levels, can probably be put down to lack of training consistency over the last three years or so. But I'm almost there. Happy. Now for a run in the sun!

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    Enjoyed my run in the sun. Not at the hottest part of the day, but the warmest UK run that I've done in years. Decided to do one of my standard 8 mile promenade runs; out-and-back, with the hill down in the first mile, and up in the last mile. Brisk but not flat- out, with 2-2 breathing throughout. Hoped to be well inside 9 mi/mi.

    Result: Mile times: 8:18, 8:30, 8:34, 8:48, 8:47, 8:58, 8:59, 9:44.(av.8:50). Breathing was 2-2 throughout. Av.h.r.: 131, 145, 148, 147, 147, 148, 149, 151.

    This run was not in the marathon schedule, but it gave me a comparison with pre-AF, identical  runs, even though the weather was exceptional. AG was 68.5% and I would have needed more like 8:40 pace for 70%. Perhaps on a cooler day? It took more effort than I expected, but pleased that the h.r. only rose from 145 to 149 during the non-hill, six miles. Happy.

    Plan to run some easy miles on grass on Friday, then a slow 20 miles on Sunday.

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    Out before 7 am this morning for 6 easy miles on grass. It was still cool! Imagined that I would be inside ten minute miling, but still not good with my pacing, especially on grass. So took it at a very comfortable pace, and 3-3 breathing.

    Result: 9:46, 9:53, 9:56, 9:52, 9:42, 9:42 (Av. 9:49) Av.H.R. 127 (last two miles 132).

    Really comfortable pace, but plan some slower times on Sunday's 20 miles. Happy.

    Enjoy your week-end running!

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    What a great day for my 20 mile run! The schedule asked for  10 min.miling.       Getting out at 5 am was a good move; cloud cover, and almost calm conditions.

    Plan: Sea-front promenade run, 5 miles out, and 5 miles back, then repeat. Breathing to be kept to an easy 3-3.     Pace to be kept close to 10 mi/mi.

    Feeling almost comfortable for the first ten miles, but was becoming difficult to sustain the awkward, slow pace, and felt that I was losing form, however much I concentrated, and knees (uncharacteristically) started to ache. So, without a lot of extra effort I allowed the pace to increase, until I was feeling really comfortable again.

    Result: First ten miles were very consistent; Average pace: 9:53. H.R.121-124.    Next 5 miles were also consistent; Average pace: 9:44, but H.R. 126-132.         During the final 5 miles I was aware of my pace increasing as the running became steadily easier. Mile times: 9:31, 9:24, 9:27, 9:14, 9:02. H.R. 134-142. Maximum cadence was 169, with an average of 166. O'all Av H.R. 127, and pace:9:42.

    Not sure how to sum-up today's run. As a lsr it was only half good; and even then a touch too fast. But I was very pleased with the heart rate, in general. I did think about doing the last five miles at mar. pace, but as things turned out it was more of a slow progression run. Happy that I was still feeling good after 3 hours 14 mins.

    Apart from finding a couple of places where I could have done with some Vaseline, I have no issues, but will do a full check tomorrow when I plan to run 6-8 miles. That will give me my second 'two-day marathon distance'.    Very Happy.


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    Down to the sea-front at 7 am for an out-and-back 8 mile run. This would give me a 28mile distance over the two days. It would also give me a good indication of any possible injuries or weaknesses, and I would get an idea of strength with tired legs.

    Plan: 8 miles steady/brisk, possibly marathon pace (9:05-9:10). 3-3 breathing.

    Result: Everything was feeling good; very slight tiredness in quads and glutes. Breathing was easy at 3-3. Outward miles were 8:38, 8:53, 9:10, 9:12, Av. 8:59 with slight adverse breeze. Return miles were 8:46, 8:46, 8:32, 9:32, Av 8:24, with slight fav. breeze. (Hill in first and last miles). O'all Av. pace: 8:56.

    Very happy with the results, as they show some strength and fitness emerging, and no injuries. Certainly not where I was three years ago (pre-AF) but, allowing for age difference, I'm almost matching previous levels. If I can maintain similar improvements for another month or two I hope to be in good shape for the marathon on 15th August. Hoping to do some 1600m reps on the track later this week, also some easy miles, and a half marathon distance at a brisk pace. Happy.

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    Mixed weather this week means that I'm being selective about my runs, and trying to optimise the opportunities. Being coastal can be great, but it often means that some days you can get more weather than you really want. Today was one of those days.

    Plan: Slow 6 miles, with easy 3-3 breathing, to break-in new trainers, and to see if the heart rate can be kept below 120 (Max. is 163).

    Trying to keep to 10 mi/mi was going to be interesting, with a favourable wind and gradient in the first 3 miles, and all adverse in the return 3 miles.

    Result: Mile times: 10:06, 10:02, 10:02 / 9:52, 10:19, 10:30.  Av. 10:09. You can probably guess when the rain squalls came across! Cadence was a sad 164. However, I was pleased with the heart rate averages: 107, 113, 116, 123, 126, 128, with the average for the run being 119 (and a max of 133). Not a total success, but continuing to show improvement.     Happy.    And the shoes were comfortable. (Asics Cumulus never seem to need much 'breaking in'.) Enjoy your running!

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    The weather forecast indicated that today would be the best day for a track session. (Finding these forecasts very helpful for planning key elements in the training.) On the track for 8am, to avoid a 'track and field' booking.

    Plan: Warm-up on track, then 1600m at best pace, then 3 or 4 1600m (8mins) with 400m (2:30).

    Result: 2000m warm-up, including strides and stretches, and 200m at anticipated mile pace. A poorly paced 1600m resulted in an improved (post-AF) time of 7:24, which I was very pleased with, but I left it all to do in the last 400m, indicating that there is still a faster time to come? (400s:1:51, 1:55, 1:57, 1:41) Gave myself 5 min. recovery before running 1600m x 3 in 8 mins, with 400m/2:30 recoveries.

    Conditions were good, and I enjoyed achieving the results that I couldn't have hoped for earlier in the training schedule. Heart rate was near max on the fast 1600; 162, and 152, 155, 157 on the other three. An incidental 'best' was 1000m in 4:35 within the first 1600m. Happy.


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    Out of the house at 05:30 for my planned half marathon run; not a race, but a solo effort to get an indication of fitness, speed and possible marathon pace.

    Conditions were good, but I was feeling jaded, and not as bouncy as I would have liked. So it was a case of getting the mind to focus on the task, and hope that the body would follow...not too far behind.

    Decided to keep to 3-3 breathing for most of the run, and anticipated an overall average pace near to 8:45 mi/mi. On the outward 7 miles, with the slight adverse breeze, and a sandy section of prom. the pace wasn't quite there. I concentrated on form and cadence, (average cadence: 171). Heart rate averages moved up from 133 to 136. Mile times: 8:46, 8:56, 8:53, 8:50, 8:50, 8:54, 8:59.

    The return 6 miles were slightly better. Kept the breathing to a comfortable 3-3 for the next 4 miles, and the times improved: 8:45, 8:44, 8:48, 8:40, with the heart rate moving up slowly; 137, 139, 139, 141. Decided to work a bit harder on the final 2.1 miles; breathing changed to 2-2, h.r. up to 143/146. Final miles: 8:40 and 8:30.

    A satisfying run, that improved my post-AF half marathon time by 36secs to 1:55:06 and takes the AG close to 71%. The h.r.average and max were both 5 bpm lower than in the previous best run, almost 5 months ago. Average pace was 8:47 mi/mi, so not quite the 8:45 that I wanted. Cadence averaged 170 for the run.  Happy.

    OK, I know it's only half the distance, and there are still 5 weeks to go, and things can go either way. But I have seen improvements over the last 8 months that I hardly dared dream about. Now to focus on the final weeks. As for marathon pace? Probably safe to go for 9:15, but I'm tempted to think closer to 9:00.???

    Enjoy the week-end's running.

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    Yesterday's inclement weather (which resulted in the pier-to-pier swim being cancelled/postponed?) had subsided by the evening, and it was looking good for a run. Don't usually put the trainers on after 9pm, but it was a great opportunity to add to the previous day's run, and do a second Half marathon.

    Plan: Run a steady half marathon. Keep to 3-3 breathing. Due to the light/mod wind, expect the outward pace to be near 10 mi/mi, and the return pace 9:30.

    Result: Feeling very good, I was able to concentrate on form and cadence. Outward pace averaged 9:39, h.r. 136, and cadence 166. Feeling even better on the Return; pace 9:03, h.r. 138, and cadence 168. Time of 2:02:27 for the half marathon, giving a pace of approx. 9:21.

    This second half-marathon was really comfortable, and only in the last two miles did I feel any sort of tiredness in the legs. After the first mile the heart rate average rose from 135 to 140 (over twelve miles). Happy.

    During this week I'd like to run a set of hills or do a track session, run some easy miles on grass, and be ready for another 20 miles next week-end.


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    Today's run was a simple, six miles on grass. Keeping to 3-3 breathing and staying at about 10 mi/mi.

    Result: 9:55, 9:52, 9:48, 9:58, 10:00, 9:57. H.R. av. 125, with a max. of 131.Happy.

    Tomorrow looks like being the best day for a track session, but will make a decision in the morning.

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    Decided to go for the track session this morning, even though I was only feeling about 80% up-for-it. Conditions were as good as they were going to get this week.

    Plan: Warm-up on track and run 1600m fast. After 400m recovery, 400m x 8 with 200m/90sec recovery. Confess to a senior moment:  remembered the target time for the 400m being 1:55, but it should have been 1:45.

    Result: 1600m in a new best time of 7:22 (splits: 1:49, 1:55, 1:55, 1:45)... not ideal. Times for 400m: 1:51, 1:55, 1:55, 1:53, 1:52, 1:54, 1:57, 1:56, all recov's at 90secs.

    Not much to add. Job done. Happy with the 1600m time (69%+ AG) but still room for improvement in the 2nd and 3rd laps. Heart rate behaved throughout, and recovered well between efforts. Might take an extra day off before the 20 mile run.


  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    It was a good idea to take the extra day off, but it didn't happen! Daughter came to visit for a few days and was desperate to run, so off we went, just for a gentle six miles, but it wasn't rest. But rested yesterday, and was out by 5am today for the 20 miler.

    Plan: Schedule asked for 10 miles at 10 mi/mi, and 10 miles at 9 mi/mi.

    Wasn't confident of managing the second 10 at 9 mi/mi, especially with the wind, even though the distance was split between out and back sections (2 miles each way).

    Results: 10 miles completed in 99:16; av. pace: 9:56, av.h.r. 120, cadence: 167. Second 10 miles completed in 89:00; av. pace: 8:54, av.h.r. 138, cadence: 171.  Average pace for the 20 miles was 9:25, and h.r.129. (Last 2 miles: 8:36, 8:22.)

    Have to be pleased with today's results. Only four weeks until the marathon, and I'll have to be careful not to do anything silly with the training. Enjoy the week-end.

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    Decided to follow-up Saturday's 20 miles with an eight mile run on Sunday, giving the marathon distance (+) over two consecutive days. That makes four now, but only the second 20 mile run.

    Plan: Steady 8 miles with 3-3 breathing. Anticipate 9:30 pace, with a slight pick up on the return four miles due to a gentle following wind.

    Result: Outward mile times: 9:02 (with a down hill), 9:28, 9:25, 9:24.                   Return mile times: 8:52, 9:01, 8:59, 9:51 (with an up hill). Av.pace for 8 miles: 9:15.

    Very pleased that this run was so comfortable. Heart rate settled at 135 by half way, then the return miles had averages of 136, 137, 137, 137. O'all av. 133, which is 30 below max..

    The training schedule doesn't ask for any more 20 mile runs, but I may change next week-end's 15 miles for a 20. Difficult to call, this week, as I'm trying to give myself a lighter mileage. Last three weeks have been 42', 47', and 48', and with just under four weeks to go I know that I need to be careful.

    Would like to do another Parkrun this week or next, as I'm feeling ready for a faster time. Probably a set of hills or a track session as well.     Enjoy your week. Happy.


  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    This week was only vaguely planned, which I suppose is a contradiction. However, the idea of a lighter mileage is being held onto, so far.

    Two days ago I ran a slow 6 miles, trying to keep to 10mi/mi. Only 5 secs adrift on total time, but felt like I was working too hard in order to maintain that pace, on the return leg, but it was against a fresh wind. Heart rate was slightly higher. Immediately afterwards I did a run/walk 2 miles....

    Youngest daughter, who has been planning to run for some years, finally got out the door, with her running kit on. And I went along to keep the timing, and to be an encouragement. Following the Couch to 5k scheme. Day 1 completed!

    Today was the best day for a track session, but there was something else in the diary! So, as the weather was inviting I decided on a brisk 8 miles. Again, I seemed to be working hard enough, but the pace was about 15 secs/mile slower than I expected. (Not feeling so sure about a faster 5k at the week-end now.) The outward 3 miles where I expected about 9:15 pace, turned out to be 9:27. And the return miles where I hoped to be about 8:20 pace, turned out to be 8:33.

    This will be Day 2 of Couch to 5k, so expect I'll be accompanying daughter again this evening, for a couple of miles.   Happy days.

    Enjoy your running this week.


  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Looking back over this week, I think the lower mileage was timely, as I don't seem to have been firing on all cylinders. However, I was feeling good for a new, 'best' time at Parkrun this morning.

    Typical. On the one day when I wanted to give it my best shot, I arrived with only 10 minutes to prepare! But as I checked each km I seemed to be keeping to a good pace. Delighted with my official time of 24:52 for the 5k.

    Best time since my heart procedure. And the 71.78% probably the best I've ever achieved over this distance. Average cadence was 174, and heart rate was considerably lower than on the previous parkrun, four weeks ago.   Happy.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Decided that I would take a long, slow run back home, from the Poole parkrun, and finish the week with the 15 miles asked for in the training schedule.

    It was a mixture of park, road and promenade running. Partly affected by some fresh winds, but the middle miles were slightly wind-assisted. Planned to run 15 miles at about 10 mi/mi.  Distance turned out just over 15 miles, and av.pace 9:56. Av.H.R. was 130 for the whole run, which included a couple of middle miles at marathon pace. Job done.

    Only tonight's 'couch to 5k' run with daughter, then this week's work will be done.

    Only three weeks until the Gdansk marathon, so I'll be easing off the distance again, but hope to do a track session mid week. The weather is not looking too good, so might have to be even more flexible with the training schedule.

    Reflecting on this morning's parkrun, I am feeling that if I can chase the same improvement through the longer distances, then I'll be happy to say that I have returned to my pre-AF levels of running performance. Enjoy your week-end.


  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Thought that today might have been an extra rest day, but daughter was keen to start her 2nd week of C25K. Having 'warmed up' with her 2.5 miles, I decided to add another 6 mile run for myself.

    Plan:  6 miles, out-and-back. With the wind against me on the way out, I expected to manage 10 mi/mi. Would have been happy with 9mi/mi on the return, giving an average of about 9:30 for the run.

    Result: Outward average: 9:51, and return average: 8:49. (9:19 for the run) Needed to work hard for the first three miles, but enjoyed the 'assist' on the return.

    Still buzzing after Saturday's parkrun, with a 35 sec. improvement after 4 weeks. Hoping for some better weather later in the week, for a track session. Final long run will be a half marathon distance, at the week-end. Must be sensible with the pace, and avoid injuries. Then just the 2 week taper before Gdansk.  Very Happy.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    On the track soon after 8 am. for a fast 1600m and a set of eight 400m intervals.

    Plan: Warm-up on track, over 8 laps, then 1600m fast. Follow that with a 400m recovery and run a set of 8 x 400m at 2 mins, with 200m/90sec recoveries.

    Results: Feeling good in the warm-up, but the 1600m was slower than two weeks ago, by 5secs. Time: 7:27. Again, the middle two laps were poor, and the light wind didn't help. No more excuses. However, the 400s went really well, and I was comfortable with 3-3 breathing throughout. Average times:1:57 laps, and 90 secs. recoveries.

    Heart rate got up to 157 on the 1600m, but averaged 144 max on each 400m, which confirms how relaxed they were, inside 8 mi/mi pace.

    The 2-3 mile extras, three times each week, when I run with my daughter on her C25k schedule, are useful preparation for my own runs. But I can see that, before  long, she could be testing me.

    Hoping to do the local parkrun (and volunteer) on Saturday, then a half marathon distance with older daughter on Sunday. Then the 2 wk.taper.   Very Happy. 

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Ablation + 9 months.

    Don't you love it when it all comes together?

    After last week's Parkrun time (24:52) gave me a 35 sec. improvement on my post-AF best, I was hoping to consolidate this morning, at the local event, which is not as flat.

    Feeling good, so set off with a determination to make sure the middle mile didn't spoil the morning. Garmin shows 7:51, 7:55, 7:51, and official time:24:23. And I can't explain the 29 sec. improvement on last week, apart from the accumulated benefits of ten weeks of steady training for the marathon.

    Conditions were very good, but quite busy, with 351 runners. Cadence was a steady 175, which is an improvement, but it's the chicken and egg situation, and I still don't know if the effort to improve the cadence has resulted in better speed, or if improvements in form, etc. have brought on the cadence. 

    An easy half marathon run in the morning if all is well, then serious tapering for the next two weeks. This morning's result gave me 73.21% AG. Best ever. Happy.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Out the door about 6:30, for an easy 13.5 mile run. A mixture of 10 mi/mi and marathon pace (about 9 mi/mi.) and 3-3 breathing throughout.

    Miles 1-4 at 10 mi/mi. Miles 5-7 at 9 mi/mi. Miles 8-10 at slower than 10 mi/mi. Finished  with miles 11-13 at 9 mi/mi.  Average heart rate 123.  Happy.

    This last week's mileage was down to 30 (plus 7 with daughter on C25K).  The next week will include a couple of 5 mile runs, and a steady 8-10 mile, plus a couple of runs on C25K plan; about 25 miles in all. So nothing too demanding. Just aiming to remain injury-free, and staying sharp.     Hope your week-end has gone well. 

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    This evening's run seemed straight forward enough.

    Plan: 6 mile run, with first and last at 10 mi/mi, and middle four at 9 mi/mi.

    Result: Outward mile times (and H.R.): 9:02 (116), 8:32 (134), 8:40 (138)               Return miles: 8:54 (140), 9:12 (140), 10:12 (136).  O'all averages: 9:05 (134).

    The fresh SW'ly wind made the outward miles very easy, but the return miles needed a bit more work! However, the end result was about right. Never quite sure of the benefits (?) of achieving the target pace in these situations, but on race day it could be useful to know that a bit of adversity need not mean that all is lost. Happy. 

  • I'm back! Its so fantastic to read you detailed reports.

    It's now 3 weeks and a few days post ablation for me. The procedure went well by all accounts, we were more concerned with the potential for bleeding from the groin area, which was sore for well over a week. I have no major side effects, my heart does seem to give me a few 'super beats' for about 3-4 seconds and this happens a few times a day but doesnt seem to really bother me much, maybe it always did this, I think you develop a super sensitivity to all of these things and so become a bit jumpy about it!! My RHR is in the high 50's/low 60's now which is about 10 bpm higher than pre-op. In some respects it's quite good that I'm also in rehab for my elbow and arm, as I need to concentrate more on that and so I tend to forget about the heart a little.

    I started to run last week, though 'running' is perhaps a generous description - perhaps 'not walking' would be more accurate image I became aware that not only have I had a heart procedure, but I had become very unfit and my asthma is of course always present. One thing I immediately noticed was a sore chest, once I had to start breathing heavily. It felt like my throat and lungs were burning, I can only put it down to deterioration in the condition of my chest during these last few months, which hopefully will improve as I do more. But the heart remained ok. 

    Since last week, I have now graduated to a hilly 5km road course, which I have so far this week completed twice. It felt like a marathon to be honest, and what with the sore chest and throat it was quite hard going, though today has seen a significant improvement over the first run. I think I'm going to continue with this kind of distance for two or three weeks now, and see if I can keep improving.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Great to hear your news, Alan.

    Take it easy! You've got quite a lot going on in your body at the moment. Don't be impatient! Fortunately I've never had Asthma; running is demanding enough.

    Are you running with anyone else? My programme has been so shaped around me, that I've not even thought about getting involved with a local club. But I am a member of an area club; South West Vets AC, and that helps me to feel connected. Also Parkruns link you with other runners, but most people seem to be running as individuals.

    After the Gdansk marathon (15th August) I'll only be home for about three weeks, and then we fly out to Penang to join the 'Logos Hope' again, for more voluntary work. Not sure how long that will be for.

    I'll probably pen my final post on this thread at the end of August, with some wrap-up thoughts. That will be Ablation + 10 months!     Take care. Michael.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    This morning's run was an out-and-back 6 miles on the seafront.

    Plan:    Run 3 outward miles at 10 mi/mi, but include 2 x 100m strides in each mile. Return 3 miles at near 8:30 pace. Keep breathing at 3-3.

    Result: Outward 9:41, 9:53, 9:59.  Return 8:29, 8:31, 8:34. Breathing all at 3-3. Cadence was 169 for outward miles, and 172 for return miles. Heart rate was just over 130 on the way out, and 141 on the return.

    The SW'ly wind helped on the return three miles, making the faster pace relatively easy. Average pace for the whole run was 9:10 mi/mi.      Happy.

    With just nine days to go, until the marathon, it was good to feel confident through a variety of paces.

    Hope to run a steady 9 miles on Saturday, including the Parkrun at Gunnersbury Park, in West London, where I used to play, as a child. Enjoy your running.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    I enjoyed the Gunnersbury Parkrun, as mentioned in previous post. Tried to take it at a reasonable pace, without getting into a race, one week before the marathon.

    Finished 136 out of 290, in a time of 25:44 (Mile times: 8:35, 8:22, 8:07) and feeling very comfortable. Happy.


    On Sunday morning I enjoyed running a 7 mile loop; over Kew bridge, along the Thames to Richmond bridge, then back along the north side.

    Plan: 1st mile at approx.10 mi/mi, and 6 miles at mara. pace (?) approx. 9 mi/mi.

    Result: Mile times: 9:30, 9:13, 9:11, 9:13, 9:05, 8:42, 8:39. Easy 3-3 breathing. All very comfortable. Time 63:33, Av. pace 9:05. Av.H.R. 130.  Very happy.

    All I have to do is put four of these together on Saturday and I'll be smiling. Only a couple of short runs to do this week, with some strides, and be ready for the race. Will be reporting after the week-end, probably well into next week, as I wont be geared-up for posting.  Enjoy your running this week. 

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Just 4 miles this morning; a little slower than marathon pace, but with 100m strides included in each mile. Trying to maintain a sense of pace but not over-doing things with just four days to go to Gdansk marathon.

    Result: Mile times:9:04, 9:00, 9:17, 9:05. Cadence 167.

    Remaining positive during these final days, without having to prove myself on every run, is quite difficult. I feel that another month of preparations would have resulted in better pacing. But you need to draw the line somewhere.

    It is well over three and a half years since I ran Portsmouth, and although I was a faster runner then, and finished in 3:57, I ran a poor race; starting at 8:30 mi/mi, and finishing at 9:30mi/mi. Hoping to do better on Saturday.  Happy.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Running the Gdansk Marathon on Saturday (15th) was a great experience. Definitely not the 'glory story' that I had hoped for, but providing many lessons for the future.

    My time was 4 hrs 8 mins. Strange how much easier it is to swallow the 4 hours than the 8 minutes!  At half way I was a couple of minutes inside the two hours, and was feeling good, and still with hopes of finishing inside four hours. But from miles 15 to 20, my mile times were eating up my reserve seconds.(My time at 20 miles was 3:01) And the last six miles don't make very good reading; with quite a bit of run/walk going on.

    Some of my excuses: My Garmin showed 26.37 miles for the run. The temperature was 24C at the start, and rose to over 30C by the finish. I wasn't able to find a proper breakfast. I carried my own sports drink throughout the run as I wasn't familiar with the drink they provided.

    Although 1151 runners had registered, only 800 started, and 722 finished in the 5:30 time limit. There were nine M 70s registered, but only six finished. (Don't know how many started). And I was 2nd in the age group, just five minutes behind 1st. So that makes me a 'prize-winner', but still awaiting confirmation.

    I have to be happy with the outcome, especially as I already feel ready to go again. Will be checking out with an easy run tomorrow, and will do a final report with some sort of 'wrap-up' conclusion to my original post.  Very Happy.


  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Just a little to add to yesterday's post about the Gdansk Marathon. Of the 722 finishers, only 78 were ladies, and 644 were men. The 1st and 2nd men finished just one second apart, in 2:28:38 and 39. First lady was 4th overall, in a time of 2:42:37.

    My position in 344th puts me inside the first 50% o'all, and as 316th male, just inside the first 50% of male finishers.

    The results give split times at 10, 21, 30 and 40 km, and reveal that even some of the top runners were several minutes slower in the second half. And some, further down the field, were up to 30 minutes slower in the second half. This helps to keep my own times in perspective.

    However, with my Age Grading just over 69%, I know that I probably should have done a little better. But it is difficult to single out one factor; hydration, nutrition, pacing, previous day's sight-seeing in Gdynia, heat, preparation, etc.. that made the last 5-6 miles so slow. I guess it was a combination of factors.

    Later today I'll post my 'wrap-up' and summarise where I think I am, almost ten months after my heart procedure. Enjoy your running.



  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    It's going to be hard to be brief, but not superficial. You can always read back...

    Opening this thread, over 9 months ago, and just 10 days after a catheter ablation- procedure for my Atrial Flutter, I had no idea how/if my running would progress.

    So this has been a detailed record of a personal journey which I hope will have been of help to others going through similar circumstances. However, I now know that almost every AF condition can have its distinctive issues, so that my route to 'recovery' may not be the answer for the next person.

    To answer my question about the body picking up from where it left off (pre-AF) I wanted to see my performances at all distances from Mile to Marathon return to an Age Grading of 70%. Along the way I wanted to monitor my Heart Rate, and establish a Max.H.R. figure.

    I decided to work on getting my Mile and 5k times down first, but also extended my long runs close to 20 miles. Three months ago, having seen good progress in all areas, I decided to prepare for a marathon.

    Gradually I wanted to see my improved pace for the 5k carried through to 10k, Half Marathon, and eventually Marathon. There were a lot of things going on at the same time, and I know that another month or two would have seen more improvements. But the marathon date was fixed for 15th August (as I'm expecting to be out of the country again in September) and so some 'short cuts' were inevitable. This is probably the real reason why I slowed so much in the last quarter on Saturday's marathon.

    I'm very pleased that my 5k time of 24:23 is only 6secs.away from where it was three years ago, and gives me my best ever AG of 73%. Not quite there yet with my 10k and half mar. but confident that they are within reach. And as for the marathon...I'm sure that on a better day I could take off the 3 minutes, to get me from 69 to 70%.

    So, my conclusion is that the body can indeed get back to where it left off. And, with a renewed focus on form and preparation, it can reach even higher levels.

    Thanks for sharing the journey. I look forward to any of your comments, and especially any AF experiences. Enjoy your running.  Very Happy.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭

    Just a brief follow-up.      Ablation + 10 months.

    Decided to run the Thames Meander Marathon on Saturday, even though it was only two weeks after Gdansk.

    I ran this riverside event last year, with AF, and had to settle for a time over 5 hours. So I was pleased to consolidate my recent time of 4:08 on Saturday.

    With  better pre-race nutrition I managed to run the full distance, but still slowed in the last quarter.  With more attention to the longer training runs I'm confident that I'll be back to a 70% Age Grade.    Very Happy.

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