Treadmills - which are the best for £1k

I'm after my first treadmill, can only afford about a grand, which are the best for value and performance?


  • This is pasted in from a thread in the "General" section. There's 2 thread a couple of days old in there about treadmills. One with a link.

    I've recently been looking at buying a treadmill & the Nordictrack EXP 1000 caught my eye, as being a reasonably priced mid range machine with a good motor & better than average warentee. I've found a couple of sites selling it at £989.00 down from it's rrp of £1299.00. And then my wife shows me the Costco passport with a discount on the EXP 1000 if you buy it between Oct 28 & Nov 3. Only £599.99

    Am I sharing a bagain of a lifetime with you or, are they shifting them 'cause they're cr@p?
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