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Just came back from a great weekend with Steve Trew. I've been doing tris. for a few years and swam ok, but I needed someone to give me direction in my training. I was apprehensive about going on a camp but I learnt so much about swimming, running and biking myself and my mind. I'm sure the money spent will prevent injurie, make me a better triathlete and a better person. I only wished I did a training camp when I first got into triathlons.


  • Sounds like you had a worthwhile weekend! What sort of things did you learn and how was the weekend organised?
  • Hi Hilly It was a great weekend. There are various camps around. The most common being swimming camps for triathletes, and I think it's because most triathletes aren't great/good swimmers, but they tend to be expensive £250-£350 for a weekend. I didn't fancy spending my weekend in a swimming pool so opted for Steve Trews camp as it was a mixture of swimming , running and biking, plus mental preperation, conquering your fears, relaxation etc and talks by two guest speakers.
    Steve Trew is an Olympic coach and also commentates on triathlon on TV.
    On the Saturday there was a swim session in the morning and a swim session in the afternoon with a lot of drills, body rotation etc. This followed a class room discussion on what we had done. There was also a run session, basically interval training round a track, and class room theory. Sunday was another swim session then a break followed by a hard turbo session. This was followed by a talk, and the end of the day was a debrief.
    The two speakers were an ex Olypian triathlete and some mad guy who ran from London to Dover, swam the channel, then cycled to Paris.
  • Definitely sounds like a good weekend. A bit expensive for me though!
  • I did a TI training weekend last year and may look at fitting in a cycling based camp sometime this year
  • I went with Active People last year on a warm weather training camp to Sardinia (Italian Island). It was well coached for swimming, cycling and running. I felt my technique improved in all three especially the swimming, my weakest event! Plus the cycle routes were awesome in terms of variety and scenery. They have routes that are challenging in terms of hills as well as flatish routes. There was also some opportunity to participate in some local races. I will see if I can dig up the details as I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Hilly,
    Might have confused you but last weekend cost £88, the cost of a set of tri. bars, and guess what will make you go faster...
    some proper coaching. Well that's my belief anyway.
  • Thanks tri boy,
    My wife saw your thread and has said I can have the feb weekend as a birthday present !!!
  • Great birthday present, better then a pair of socks I usually get.
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