Turbo trainers .....recommedation

I've used a turbo trainer for the first time at a training camp this weekend. I haven't got one and felt left out as my fellow students all had them (had to borrow one). I relyed on spinning classes, use the bikes down the gym.Any advantages of owning your own one and what do I need to look at ifI want to buy one, any bad ones out there?


  • Main piece of advice is get a quiet one - I've got a wind resistance trainer and it's so noisy you can barely hear your music especially when you're really cranking it up..
  • Cateye cyclosimulator is a doosy. Magnetically adjustable and fan too, but I just took the fan off so it's not that loud.

    Go for 2nd hand - peeps tend not to use them that much.

    But spinning can be good too. If you get a good teacher.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I´ve got a Gist Fluid turbo trainer ... quiet as a mouse. Which is good, cos we live in an apartment.

    Really good bit of kit, but bloomin´heavy!

    I got it from http://www.oldhamcyclecentre.co.uk/

    #125 and worth every penny! You can use its own resistance adjustment system, or your own gears (which I prefer).

  • Can't believe I'm actually asking this, it will soooo ruin my image - but are these things you just stick on your own bike?

    So if someone only had one bike, they could ride that bike in a very wobbly beginner's fashion on the scary road AND fix it up nice and safely in front of the telly?
  • Lizzy, you forgot to mention the picture on the packaging.
  • Iv got a trax swing

    very good and quite quiet with a curved A frame so not to stress the bikes frame

    about £125
  • I wonder if people don't read my longer postings coz they don't expect them to be serious. No problem - my fault.

    But can you just haul a bike in from outside and fix one of these things on to it?
  • Tee hee. Poor Jj. Yeah - you can fit a normal bike onto it.

    But it can be quite noisy, and very hot.
    Best to do it with smooth tyres and not MTB ones or the tread will make a hell of a racket. (unless you get a turbo that runs along the rim rather than the tyre - but they are pretty rare)

    I prefer to set my bike up in the garage and have a fan (electrical one, sadly not someone with pom-poms) straight in front of me, and music or radio through headphones.
  • thanks guys .... quite hot bit of an under statement. Seated buckets on Sunday or is this an indication how unfit I am !
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oh yes Richard, you're right.

    For those who missed a previous thread, the piccie on the box of the Gist turbo trainer is, er, mildly pornographic and shows a novel use for a bike seat.
  • <still not found that pic on t'internet - darn>
  • I thought Lizzy was gonna send you the box..?!!!
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