Watching sport whilst doing sport

Does anyone find that, in the gym, watching certain sports bring about certain reactions/distractions?

I made the foolish error of watching the England/Denmark game this summer from an exercise bike and learnt quickly that my neighbours were well within "striking distance" when the first goal went in...radical new form of boxercise I guess?

Also, I find tennis causes me to lose my balance on the treadmill (trying to get to the ball I guess!).



  • Yes,
    Very distracting, I was in the gym for one of the Ireland games and found myself rushing back to the TV's (televisions not transvestites......I know what a sarcy lot you are on this site) each time the crowd roared.

    I much prefer the sport though as apposed to Eastenders with subtitles........reach new levels of pain in the gym when thats on.
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