Fitsense Heart Rate Monitor

Has anyone tried the fitsense HR/Dist monitor watch. Currently only available in the States but looks like a good bit of kit. Any advice gratefully received!!! For those that haven't heard of it, details can be found at


  • Hi Mike,

    If you have a look on the American RW forums they've discussed this extensively, so I recommend you have a look over there. The verdict was pretty negative though - they seem to think it's over priced and inaccurate.

    You might be better of going for a Nike or Timex SDM and a separate HRM. Having said that, there are rumours (no idea how true they are) that Nike are bringing out a combined SDM and HRM sometime. Could be worth waiting...

  • Thanx Venom, I had a look at the US stuff and am not sure whether the product is worth the risk or price. I'm going to look at the Timex.... Cheers for the advice..
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