Nose clips

Does anyone swim with one? What do you think of them? I find when I do a "racing" turn in the pool, if I don't breathe out hard through my nose, water goes up it. Hoping a nose clip will solve this. Although, I looked on, and I can *see* a nose clip on there, but can't find any way of ordering one, or any other product for that matter. No products are clickable for me. Am I being incredibly daft here? Has anyone else ordered from triandrun?


  • I was told to do drills to fix the pproblem rather than use a clip - off about 3 different instructors
  • I wear them all the time as I suffer with sinus probs if I don't. I buy mine from my local sports shop for a couple of quid.

    Some of them look like they belong in a torchure chamber! I've got a small pink one!
  • I use a salty water naisal spray when i get out the pool to counteract te affect of the chlorine

    Im very alergic to clorine - eyes, sinus and skin - which is a bit of a problem when u like to swim :o/
  • Me too Will - but I find it's only a real problem in winter when we have to swim inside. Doesn't seem as much chlorine in the outdoor pools - or maybe it dissipates in the air?
  • A drill sounds a trifle drastic. Do you do holes near the top of the nose so that it doesn't actually get into yer passages? I have to say that the chlorine isn't really much of a problem, it's quite a good pool in our gym, it's just the force of the water going up my nose that brings a tear to the eye.
  • tell me more about the nasal spray, Will.
  • It just an old vics (sp?) bottle which i fill with salty water - seems to stop the chlorine probs - if not i have to take sudafed
  • That's interesting. Not heard that before.

    [rifles in cupboard for old spray bottle...]
  • John Lewis, a couple of quid, see thru.
  • Got one from the gym. I shall be practicing wearing it in private first!
  • I've tried putting my daughter's on. Just makes me feel claustrophobic! (She doesn't wear it)
  • I tried nose clips, but then they bother em for the rest of the swim, so gave up and did more practice, have still not mastered tumble turns correctly but won't bother returning to a nose clip.
  • Tried mine (on dry land) and I too find it a tad claustrophobic. I think I prefer chlorine whoosing up my nose as I turn. Definitely think I'll try and improve my turning/breathing technique before I actually try it in the water. I'm OK so long as I breathe out very hard through my nose as I turn, but sometimes I time it badly.
  • I dont do tumbles - unless your dam good at them they just cost u time at worst or give no gains at best

    And even if your good you only gain a half second to a second per length - ll of 10-20 secs on a sprint - not worth it realy
  • I'll stick with nose clip as it doesn't bother me for the length of time I spend in the water (I only intend to do sprint tri's this year) and I like my pink one! :o)

    I take sudafed and beconase at different times of the year and don't really like doing so.
  • lol - does it have to be pink
  • Will, need you ask
  • I don't do the turns where you do like a somersault, just pull up to the end, then kind of twist and push off. But as I put my head in the water, that's when the water goes up my nose. I'm probably doing it awfully. Are there any decent web sites that describe how to turn?
  • I just watched people t turn and tried to copy them, its not perfect and cant get the first breathe away from the wall right (ie seem not to have enough breathe) but it seems to work. Also with a nose clip you (obviously) dont get water up your nose. I tried to wean myself off of the NC, anddid manage to do t turns without them without water going up my nose, but still prefer it with a NC. Hope this helps.
  • It's a nice baby pink colour WW :o)

    Looked everywhere to find a swimsuit with matching colour, but no luck:o)
  • I use one and it's a clear plastic Speedo thing I think. Can't swim without it. Any tri's I've done, tumble turns aren't allowed anyway. I only do sprints.

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