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  • But does BB really need to fit back into wedding dress? Or is that just a misery-inducing, unnecessary goal?

  • I've just sent off for the Aitken's Diet book...

    Anyone fancy joining me?
  • <<<<gasp!!!>>>>



    I'll ... set WildWill on you!
  • Nicko needs to lose 5lb, not ru**ing and still eating carbs. Oh and drinking like a fish :(((
  • BB you don't need to lose that much.

    Jon hon somehow can't see you doing that one.
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    My bmi is 31 though Jj
  • Jj, Im exactly the same, I have jeans that i cant even begin to do up, but a year ago i could get into them, they were loose and i thought i was fat. I was mortifies when i tried to put them on the other day!

    And Monkey, wait until i see you, your gonna get a huge spanking!
  • Lucky sod :)
  • Aitken's??

    Do you have to spend time in prison?
  • Skipp - I haven't worn these for 20 years!

    It's a measure of their age that they're back in fashion!

  • Oh well I wouldnt worry then. Its the fact that it was only a year ago that they were perfect that makes me want to get a carving knife.

    Not really bit it is depressing, and I just find it soooooo hard to lose weight. Admittedly my legs have never looked so good, theyre are not small but they are rock solid, but I have such a belly and i hate it.

    My aim is to lose it all by the time im 30, not long to go!
  • so that's

    The Count now 13st 7lb target 11st 7lb (2st to go - and even that gives me a BMI of 24)

    The Evil Pixie lose 2st

    XFR now 15st target 13st (2st to go)

    Knackardkness target lose 1st 7lb

    Gumpster target lose 1st 7lb

    Nessie target lose 1st

    TallGirl target lose 1st

    Jj target lose 7lb

    TiredLegs target lose 1st 3lb (revised, feel fatter than I am)

    Jill Neill target lose 1st 6lb

    Spans target lose 10lb

    Jon target lose 7lbs.

    Neil H to lose 1 stone (weigh in Thur am)

    M target lose 1st 7lb

    Fraggle target lose 1st 2lb

    Troy needs to lose a further 1.5 stone

    Sam needs to lose 2st 3lb

    Skipp needs to lose 1st 5lb

    Fat Buddha wants to lose 5kg (11 lb)

    BB needs to lose 4st 5lb to fit back into wedding dress
  • wow - we could probably make 3 new people....all we need now is kidneys, hearts, eyes etc!

    We could create FrankenPlodder
  • I shall look out for roadkill for you.
  • That or sacrifice three of the above? Oh... No that won't work!
  • Monique, I need badger eyes, rabbit ears and a foxes tail....then I'll have the super animal I've always wanted to create...hahahahaha
  • A budding Charles Waterton
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    anyone lost any weight yet?
  • LOL BB I wish, but did have a good first day tho, ate heathy all day and managed to get down the gym. Now to see how day 2 go's.
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    I didn't drink any alcohol so that will have saved a few calories:-)
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    I ate a rice crispy cake thing this morning. oops.
  • I've had two whole days without alco-cool and cycled to and from work yesterday. today i may even try that running thing. I cant understand why I haven't lost 2 stone yet....I didn't think it would take that long!

    Been asked to go for coffee...think I'll have to pass on the usual fatachino and go for a black filter coffee instead <weep>'ve nothing to loose...pig away!
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    That is the prob isn't it Count,its a slow process
  • Although I saw a man with a leaflet saying "lose weight now ask me how"

    I asked him.....

    He said stop eating so much food you bat fastard.

    Sound advice!

    Right black coffee time...
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    boom boom
  • damn....mate already purchased my many wieght-watcher points are in one of those babies..
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